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    Smart-Connected Refrigeration


    With a smart-connected fridge or freezer, keeping on top of your groceries is easy. From built-in cameras to remote temperature control, you get everything you need for simple storage right in the palm of your hand.


    Organisational heaven

    A smart fridge does so much more than just chill your food, from built-in calendars with reminders, to touchscreens and remote temperature control – you really are covered for every occasion. And if you need help with dinner, some models even give you step-by-step recipe instructions as you cook. Who said mealtimes had to be stressful?

    Waste? What waste?

    We’ve all been stood in the supermarket wondering if we’ve still got some milk back at home. Smart-connected tech means you don’t have to guess – some appliances are kitted out with interior cameras that connect to your phone, so you can check what you’ve got anywhere at any time. Now, instead of overloading on items that end up going off, you can just buy exactly what you need.

    Protect the planet and your pocket

    Smart-connected appliances are also often kitted out with nifty features to help you save energy. Some continually monitor the fridge or freezer for issues, send you alerts if anything goes wrong, or have eco-friendly modes that run on lower temperatures when you’re on holiday. This means a happier planet and some extra saved pennies – double win.

    Also look out for...

    Fridge Freezers

    Smart Diagnosis™

    In the unlikely event of a problem, you won’t have to waste time waiting for an engineer thanks to LG’s Smart Diagnosis. A call to LG Customer Service will allow you to simply hold the phone to your appliance, which in turn will send a signal to a diagnostic computer, giving you a solution in seconds.

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    By downloading the Samsung SmartThings App onto your compatible smartphone, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the innovative features of this Samsung Family Hub™ model. Along with viewing the contents of your fridge freezer, you’ll be able to track the expiry dates of each food item and access a whole range of recipes. Remotely send notes straight to the touch screen display or stream music to listen to in the kitchen. You can check and adjust the fridge and freezer temperatures while you’re out of the house, to make sure everything’s running as it should be.

    American Fridge Freezers

    hOn app

    Just got to the airport and realised you left the fridge running at home? Don’t sweat – the hOn app has you sorted. Once you’ve connected your appliance to the app via Wi-Fi, you can adjust the temperature and choose different settings – Holiday Mode will be set up in just a few taps. It’s time to find your boarding pass and head for the gate.

    My AEG Kitchen App

    Tired of having to reach into your stacked fridge freezer to adjust the temperature? The handy My AEG Kitchen app lets you control it using your smartphone, as well as sending you open door alerts so nothing spoils. All that from the comfort of… well, any room in the house.