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    Super Quiet Refrigeration


    Ever settled in for some TV time on the couch and noticed your fridge humming a little tune to itself? These super quiet models have some really clever tech to put a stop to that and let you enjoy your evening in peace. That means no more distractions when you’re trying to catch up on the latest hit series. Result.


    Great for open living

    Open plan kitchens are great for improving the flow through your home, but they can make the low buzz of the fridge sound even louder. A super quiet fridge lets you keep that space as zen as possible without the background noise.

    Enjoy the peace and quiet

    Those clanks and whirs your old fridge used to make will be a thing of the past. These super quiet models will let you enjoy a quiet morning cuppa in peace, or have a catch-up over cake with no unwanted interruptions.

    Also look out for...


    With Miele’s innovative Silence-System, you can say goodbye to the annoying background hum from your fridge freezer. Cleverly placed sound buffers and the sound-optimised refrigeration circuit work together to ensure your appliance has a noise level under 50dB. This means it’s extremely quiet, which is perfect if you have an open plan living area, as it won’t disturb your Saturday night movie marathons.

    Super silent

    No one likes a noisy dishwasher rattling around the kitchen when they’re trying to watch telly. That’s why Super silent uses a quiet inverter motor and special insulation to keep the noise to around 41dB – about the same level as a library. So, whether you’re catching up with friends or the latest boxset, you won’t have any interruptions.