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    What is computer storage?

    Storage is where your computer saves apps, files, and all the data it needs to work, including the operating system. There are a few kinds of storage to choose from, and they all come in different sizes. Some start up and load apps really fast, while others have lots of space for saving big files.

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    eMMC storage is designed to save most of your files online through a cloud service. That means you’ll have enough space for the essentials like apps plus a few photos, with everything else ready to download wherever you have an internet connection.

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    Solid-state drives are the fastest type of storage you can get. They cost a bit more, but your computer will start almost instantly. They’re a great choice for gamers, or if you’re working with 4K videos. They also don’t have any moving parts, so they’ll last a lot longer than some other models.

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    SSHDs are a clever mix of a large hard disk drive and a speedy solid-state drive, so you get the best of both worlds. That means you get lots of room for saving apps and files, and it’ll load everything quickly too.

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