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    Cooking with Flexible space


    Whether you’re baking a birthday cake or cooking up a large lasagne, you need an oven or cooker that can rise to the challenge. Enter: telescopic shelves. They effortlessly glide in and out, are strong and stable, and give you easy access to your delicious creations. Want some more information? Take a look below to see how this clever feature can help you become kitchen royalty.


    Switch things up

    Is that lamb joint bigger than you thought? Don’t stress – simply slide out a shelf to give yourself some extra room. That delicious roast will be sizzling away before you know it, so you can get to work on the sides.

    Get at the goods

    Now you’ve got the roast in the oven, don’t forget to keep an eye on it. Because telescopic shelves are strong, they can easily hold a tray of food, even while they’re pulled out. This gives you all the time you need to baste, turn, and season your dinner before sliding it back inside. Simple.

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    Leisure Telescopic Shelf

    Singed your fingers checking on your cake? Not anymore. The Telescopic Shelf in this range cooker smoothly glides out for a safe, quick way to monitor cooking. Your fingers will thank you.

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    Also look out for...



    AEG’s OptiFlex™ shelf runners make it much easier to fit in taller items. Because they just clip on to the oven’s shelf supports, you can adjust their position whenever you like. This lets you make room for dishes that need a little extra height space, like a turkey, and means the days of cramming it in are well and truly over.

    Dual Cook Flex™

    Take the hassle out of family dinners with Dual Cook Flex™. The hinged door gives you the option to use the entire oven or just the top half, without disturbing what’s cooking below. Combined with the handy oven divider, you can set separate temperatures for both cavities. This means that even if you have a mix of vegetarians and meat-eaters at home, you’ll be able to prepare delicious dishes for everyone, without any complaints.

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    Proflex Splitter™

    This nifty range cooker comes with three cavities – or four, if you prefer. With the Quad Oven™ Proflex Splitter™, you’ve got the flexibility of having one huge Tall Titan™ cavity for big dishes (think, a full turkey), or you can slide the splitter in to separate it out into two smaller Equiflow™ ovens for everyday cooking. And, if the whole family’s making different meals, there’s a Maxi-Grill™ conventional oven and a multifunction oven at the ready, as well. You really can have it all.

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    Combi Duo

    With Combi Duo, you’ll never be short on space. It lets you combine two single zones to create one large cooking area that’s perfect for your large pans and casserole dishes. Now you can dust off that big pot at the back of the cupboard and batch cook to your heart’s content.