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    Specialist cooking settings


    Ovens and cookers with specialist settings make swish cooking simple with options to suit whatever you’re whipping up. From features that turn your appliance into a jumbo-sized air fryer (hello frozen favourites!) to sous vide and gratin settings when you fancy some posh nosh. There’s a setting for every occasion.


    Perfect results every time

    Wow your guests with fancy food that tastes incredible every time with a little help from your new sous chef. Not confident with roasts? There’s a programme just for that, so you can get amazing results without worrying over the oven for hours.

    Cook like a pro

    Never heard of sous vide? You’re not the only one. Specialist settings like this help you explore a whole new world of cooking techniques and even better – it makes them easy. Just find a recipe, do the prep, then ramp up the right setting and you’ll get perfect results every time.

    Spice up your life

    If you're fed up with having the same evening meals on repeat, it's time to expand your repertoire. With programmes specifically for baking, roasting, or even air frying, you can mix it up more often without spending half the day in the kitchen. 

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    Bosch Air Fry function

    With the Air Fry Function, a healthier version of your fried favourites with the same great taste does exist. It uses a fan to circulate heat from the grill element around your food at high speeds so it cooks much faster than usual. That means you can chow down on scrumptious snacks that are ready in a flash with little to no oil – yum!

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    Also look out for...


    MoisturePlus Ovens

    The brilliant MoisturePlus option lets you create delicious fluffy bread and succulent roasts. Choose this option with the programme you want, and fill it up with water – the spout only takes in the precise amount it needs, based on the programme. Then, moisture’s injected into the cavity automatically, or manually, during the cooking process. So, whether you’re making Yorkshire puddings or re-heating pastry, you’ll always have full control and perfect results.

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    Defrost & Slowcook Ovens

    Got some pork chops for your dinner party but they’re still frozen? Indesit’s Defrost & Slowcook function will have them ready by the time the doorbell goes. Not only will it thaw your food, but it can slowly cook it too if you want. And if any of your guests are running late, you can even set it to keep meals warm until everyone arrives. Now no matter what happens, you’ll have the perfect option to get tasty results.

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    Pizza Mode Ovens

    With Hisense’s Pizza Mode, you won’t have to splash out on a takeaway. It uses high temperatures of up to 300°C to quickly and evenly cook your Margheritas – time to wave goodbye to floppy bases and soggy toppings. Now that there’s no more waiting for a driver to arrive, just pop the telly on and tuck in.

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    AirFry function Cookers

    Quick question: Why buy an air fryer when you can get an oven with an AirFry function? Keep those countertops clear and whip up some savoury sides using its specially-designed tray. That means no fatty oils, bulky units on your worktop, or turning your food every five minutes either. That’s a hat trick of wins if we’ve ever seen one.

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