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    Tumble Dryers with Reverse Tumbling


    Tangled clothes got your head in a spin? With a reverse tumble you won’t be stuck separating your jeans from your jumpers. It’s all thanks to clever tech which allows the drum to change direction mid-cycle, ensuring your clothes don’t end up in a heap.


    Quicker drying times

    By reversing the drum’s direction every now and again, your clothes won’t bunch up. This means they’ll dry evenly and faster without ending up in a damp pile at the end of the cycle. So, your favourite cosy to jumper will be ready to wear straight away.

    Save energy and money

    It won’t just be your clothes getting extra love, your bank account gets some TLC too. Quicker drying means shorter cycle times and lower energy bills – all you need to decide is how you’re going to treat yourself.

    Also look out for...

    Tangle protection technology

    TangleProtect technology is a nifty feature that stops your clothes from knotting together during a drying cycle. It combines an advanced air circulation system with reverse tumbling to keep everything moving nicely. So, your clothes and bedding will be thoroughly dry and ready for folding. Easy-peasy.

    Two Way Tumbling

    Radiators clogged with wet washing, again? Why not just chuck everything in the dryer instead? With Sharp’s Two Way Tumbling, you can be sure that the whole load will be thoroughly dried by the end of the cycle so you won’t need to drag the clothes airer out afterwards. These clever machines reverse the drum rotations to make sure the warm air gets between each item, so your clothes are well mixed and evenly dried, ready for the ironing pile. That’s a job done well!


    When the laundry starts to feel like a cable-sorting exercise, use Anti-tangle to stop your clothes getting tied up in knots. Clever reverse tumbling tech rotates the drum in both directions, helping your clothes stay separate and dry evenly. So, you won’t get damp patches where the fabrics have folded, and it’ll reduce creases. What’s not to love?