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    Tumble Dryers with Sensor Controlled Drying


    Speed up drying your fave shirt without worrying about shrinking it. Sensor-drying measures the amount of moisture in your clothes and adjusts the settings to match. This prevents overheating and keeps fabrics in tip-top shape for longer. What’s not to love?


    Protects your clothes

    Don’t worry about your favourite jumpers turning child-size. With sensor drying, it’ll make sure the temperature and time are just right, so fibres are always protected from overheating.

    Better for the planet

    Because sensors know the perfect moment to stop the cycle, it only ever uses the right amount of energy with every load. This makes it kinder to the environment, so you’ll know you’re doing your bit.

    Good for your wallet

    Getting the laundry done doesn’t have to rip a hole in your wallet. Sensor drying helps keep costs down by only using the exact amount of energy, so you’ll be saving a few pennies on those bills. Yippee!

    Gives the dryer a helping hand

    Sensor drying isn’t just kind to the environment, but it’s good for the dryer too. Because it's working smarter not harder, there’s less chance of wear and tear. This means your machine will last longer, and you won’t need to replace it anytime soon. Sounds good to us.

    Also look out for...

    ProSense® Technology

    Clever sensors adapt the wash for the best results
    ProSense® technology finds the best wash cycle for your load, to give your clothes an unbeatable clean. Special sensors in the drum will recognise the type of fabrics inside and which settings are needed to leave them spotless. It also tailors the length of the cycle, to make sure items aren’t being over washed. This prevents them becoming worn out, and there won’t be any wasted water or energy racking up those bills.

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    Samsung’s OptimalDry™ technology is a smart addition to any machine. It controls the cycle with clever moisture and temperature sensors that adjust the drying time to suit each load. Not only will this save energy, but it reduces wear-and-tear on your laundry. So, your clothes and the planet will thank you.

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    Not sure how long you need to dry your favourite jeans for? You’re not the only one. With Sensor Dry, you can rest easy knowing that the clever detectors monitor moisture and humidity, so they know when to stop the cycle (even if you don’t). This not only saves a bit of energy but stops unnecessary wear and tear. Double win.

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    With the AutoDry setting, your laundry will get the TLC it deserves. Clever sensors constantly measure the temperature and moisture inside, protecting your clothes from too much heat and over-drying. Now when you pop a load in the machine, you don’t have to worry about everything coming out kid sized.

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