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    Add extra clothes to your washing machine


    Found a stray sock on the floor after a wash has already started? Not to worry, some models will let you pause a program after it’s begun so you can add any items that have been accidentally left behind.


    Keeps life convenient

    Ever put a wash on only to find you dropped something on the way to the machine? Don’t sweat – just pop the door open and add it in. Now you don’t have to wait for the next time the basket’s full to get it clean.

    Protect your pennies

    Because you can get everything cleaned in one go, you can wave goodbye to extra wash cycles for forgotten items. This means you’ll be saving some precious pennies on those utility bills. Now what’s not to love about that?

    Keep your laundry kind

    Want to do your bit for our planet? Not only will fewer washes save you some precious pennies, but it also means you’ll be using less energy and less chemicals, making your laundry days kinder to the environment. Now, whenever you pop in a stray shirt or jumper, you’ll be doing your bit to keep Mother Earth smiling.

    Get everything washed at once

    The pause function on some machines will also let you add items mid-wash. This setting stops the cycle and drains the water, letting you safely open the door. So, don’t panic if your forgot to add your lucky shirt to the machine – you’ll be suited and booted for that interview before you know it.

    Also look out for...


    If you’ve forgotten to pop a sock in the wash or need to remove something you accidentally dropped in the laundry basket, the Reload function will save the day. Simply press the Start Reload button and the machine will check it’s safe to open before draining the water and unlocking the door – all in a few seconds.

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    Pause & Add

    Whether you suddenly need your going-out-shirt or there’s a pesky sock that’s escaped the machine, Pause & Add lets you stop the wash cycle if it’s just started. So, you can pop in another garment instead of waiting for the next load.

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    Samsung’s unique AddWash™ door is a clever mini door that lets you add to the wash, during the wash. Simply pause the programme at any point to add a forgotten t-shirt or stray sock into the drum. It’s really useful for adding in extra fabric conditioner too, or any delicate clothing that simply needs rinsing at the end of a cycle.

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    If the programme has already started and you’ve forgotten to pop something in the wash, the AddLoad function lets you pause the cycle and add that stray sock or shirt, so you won’t have to wait to get them clean. This also means you can remove items, like that hand-wash silk shirt you accidentally left in the basket.

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    Can you stop and open a washing machine mid-cycle?