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    Sensor controlled wash


    What is sensor controlled wash?

    Sensor controlled wash is a super clever feature that tailors the cycle to the laundry load. There’re different kinds of sensors, with some being able to work out how much water and energy to use based on the weight of the load. Some sensors even detect the type of material and adjust the wash to match – no harsh cycles shrinking your woolly jumper this time. You can say goodbye to laundry detergent confusion too. There’re sensors that know how much to add, or can pick up on excess detergent and extend the rinse cycle to make sure it’s fully removed – that’ll help to keep skin irritations at bay.


    Take better care of your clothes

    Nobody wants their favourite jeans to look faded and tired. Sensor technology can help to take better care of your garments by changing the settings to prevent over-washing. That way, your clothes will stay looking newer for longer. And with the money you'll save by not buying new clothes, you can enjoy a night out in your fave jeans instead.

    Better for the planet

    Wondering how to do your bit for the environment? Let washer sensor technology give you a helping hand. It adjusts water levels and wash cycles depending on the weight of the laundry load to only use the amount of energy it needs. It can alter the amount of detergent used too, so your clothes won’t need another cycle to get rid of excess suds. And if you think of how many washes you put on in a year, that’s a lot of water and detergent saved! Better for the planet and better for your wallet.

    Save money on your bills

    We’d all like to spend less on bills, and more on the things we love. That’s where washer sensors come in. This handy little feature decides the wash cycle and water required, based on the weight of the laundry, so your clothes aren’t going through long programmes and using more water than they need. Cutting back on that energy will cut down on costs. Sorted.

    Helps the machine

    When your washing machine packs in, it can send a big family into chaos. There’s uniform for the next day, towels needed for the morning shower, and of course, no-one can leave the house without socks. So, it’s safe to say, you want a washer to last. Good job sensor technology can help with that. It assesses the load and makes sure your machine doesn't always work to the max, and instead, takes it easy sometimes. Since this can delay wear and tear, the machine can have a longer-lasting lifespan. No washers packing in prematurely here!

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    Auto Weight Detection

    Sensors adapt the wash to suit the load

    Save energy and money with Haier’s clever Auto Weight feature. When you fill the drum with clothes, the machine will automatically weigh your load to calculate the suggested cycle time and resources needed. For smaller washes, the amount of detergent and water you use will reduce, helping not only the environment but your bank balance too.

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    Also look out for...

    KG Detector

    Candy’s clever KG Detector uses sensors to weigh your laundry when you load the drum. The machine works out just how much water, time and energy it needs to use throughout the cycle to get everything clean, from big sheets to small bits. So, you can save on your utility bills and look after your favourite clothes at the same time.

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    LG’s aiDD™ gives your clothes the TLC they deserve. Based on 20,000 washes, the built-in AI tech weighs your laundry, detects the softness of the fabric, and automatically adjusts the settings and wash pattern to suit what’s inside. This means that everything from your silk shirts to cotton tights will come out the washer without any snags or ladders. A washing machine that looks beyond the care label – nifty, right?


    Zanussi’s AutoAdjust tech is kinder to the environment, and to your wallet. Once you’ve loaded the drum, it’ll automatically measure the right amount of water and energy it needs. No waste, no worries. That means you’ll save on your energy bills while still getting clean, fresh laundry – perfect for small loads.

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