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    Super quiet washing machines


    What is a super quiet washing machine?

    Fed up of a noisy washing machine interrupting movie night? Well cheer up, because we stock loads of machines that are specially designed to be quiet. Some are built with efficient motors and drives, and others come with anti-vibration features to help them score low on the decibel scale. Whatever model you go for, the only thing that’ll be making a racket in the future will be you chomping on the popcorn.


    Great for open plan living

    Because they produce little noise, they’ll make a great housemate in any open plan home. You’ll be able to settle down on the sofa with a boxset, without having to put up with any unwanted background noise.

    You’ll never disturb others again

    You’ll never disturb others again
    If you’ve ever had to sacrifice clean clothes because your partner’s on a Skype call, you’ll appreciate a quiet washing machine. Because they barely make a peep, you’ll be able to plough through the laundry pile even when there’s a morning full of meetings going on.

    Enjoy cheaper washes at night without being woken up

    If you’re on the Economy 7 tariff, it costs less to do your laundry at night. With a quiet model, you’ll be able to take full advantage of off-peak energy costs, without having to worry about waking the family.

    Creates a more peaceful living environment

    Less noise equals more zen. Studies suggest that if you live in a peaceful environment, you’ll be a lot less stressed and anxious. So, by choosing a super-quiet washing machine, you’ll be making positive moves towards a heathier mindset.

    Also look our for...

    Inverter Motor

    With an inverter motor, you’ll never have loud spins interrupting film nights again. It makes sure your washing machine's motor rotates at the best speed for the load, reducing vibration for a much quieter spin. The machine will last longer as well, since it has fewer moving parts which means less friction. And it uses less energy than conventional washing machines, so it’s kinder to your wallet and to the planet.

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    Inverter Motor

    The inverter motor makes sure that the washing machine makes as little noise as possible. It limits vibrations by rotating at the best speed for the load, so you don’t have to ramp up the volume to hear the TV, even on the faster cycles. It’s also a reliable, long-lasting piece of kit so you shouldn’t need to replace or repair it in a hurry, it’s here to stay. 

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    Direct Motion Motor

    Haier’s washing machines are the quietest on the market, thanks to their beltless Direct Motion motors. Using fewer mechanical components than traditional machines, the motor produces fewer vibrations – which in turn reduces noise levels for quieter spin cycles. Not only is this great for open plan living, it also means you won’t use as much energy, saving you a pretty penny in the process.

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    EcoSilence Drive

    Gone are of the days of noisy washing machines rattling across the kitchen – NEFF’s EcoSilence Drive sees to that. That means the drum is fitted with clever frictionless magnets that make less noise, last longer, and can even save you a few pennies on your bills. They’re the perfect fit for open plan kitchens since it won’t go walkabouts halfway through a cycle, and they last longer too!

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