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AEG ProSteam washing machine

Give your laundry the very best care with AEG’s range of fantastic washing machines. With great tech such as ProSteam which uses steam to refresh your clothes, you’ll always look the part.

ProSteam technology

AEG’s ProSteam technology uses steam to freshen up your clothes. The short steam programmes get rid of any smells and reduces creases. Or you can choose to end a wash cycle with a gentle boost of steam, so your clothes don’t need as much ironing.

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AEG prosense washing machine

ProSense technology

ProSense tech automatically weighs each load to give it the best possible clean. Clever sensors know how much your washing weighs and then figures out how much energy and time it will take to clean your clothes. So, you’ll always know your laundry is getting the best care and you’ll save water and energy too.

AEG invertor motor

Inverter motor

Washing machines can be loud, but thanks to the Inverter motor, these AEG washing machines hardly make a peep. The special brushless motor makes much less noise than your standard washer. So, if you have an open plan kitchen or living room, you can put a wash on and still enjoy that movie night.

AEG softplus washing machine


AEG’s SoftPlus feature keeps your clothes lovely and soft. Just choose the SoftPlus option with your wash cycle and it will use extra water to loosen your laundry and spread the softener evenly throughout your fabrics. It even adds an extra rinse to get rid of any detergent. So, that clean sheet feeling just got a whole lot softer.

AEG ecotimesave washing machine


Eco cycles are great for saving energy, but they do usually take a lot longer. AEG’s EcoTimeSave feature combines the Eco mode and Time Save mode to create a wash cycle that’s energy efficient and super quick too. So, now you can enjoy the best of both worlds.


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