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    Washing machines with Stain removal


    Accidents happen, but with stain removal technology, those little spills and mishaps will easily be taken care of. This clever tech usually adjusts the temperature and drum movements to tackle common stains like mud and food, so your favourite outfits will be back to their best in no time.


    Guilt-free fun for all the family

    Whether you’re playing footy with the kids or helping them with some finger painting, you’ll never have to worry about getting messy. Most anti-stain programmes tackle loads of different types of stains, so any mud, grass or paint splashes will be washed away, leaving those whites as good as new.

    Keep your fave clothes for longer

    Had to dump your favourite top after getting cosy with the red wine? We’ve all been there. Anti-Stain tech banishes any splashes or spills, so you can keep hold of your clothes instead of binning them. Now your wardrobe will stay in tip-top shape for years to come.

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    Clever tech banishes stubborn stains

    Thanks to Hotpoint Anti-Stain, your favourite outfit can be restored to its former glory. It banishes the most common stains with a combination of the perfect drum movement, temperature and amount of water. So, the good news is, you won’t need to spend time pre-treating your laundry to get rid of wine spills or saucy splatters before throwing it in the wash.

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    Also look out for...


    Bosch’s clever AntiStain technology removes up to 16 of the most common stains, including red wine, mud, chocolate and coffee. It automatically adjusts the water temperature, soak time and even drum movements to suit each stain. So, no matter what life throws at you (or what you accidentally throw down yourself) your clothes will always come out looking as good as new.

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    Think stain removal means high temperatures and never-ending wash cycles? Think again. Hoover’s clever ActiveCare works with a bunch of other programs on your machine to remove more than a whopping 100 stains at just 20 degrees – how neat is that? It mixes water and detergent together before releasing it into the drum and letting it loose on the laundry. This removes mud, grass, chocolate and other stains at just 20 degrees, making it gentle on fabrics at the same time. So, you’ll always have spotless clothes no matter what.

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    For the parents who are sick of replacing white football shorts with scuff and graze marks all over them, BubbleSoak™ is here to save the day. Working as a pre-wash, it’ll soak your soiled footie kit for 30 minutes in active bubbles before a wash to make sure those marks are gone for good – or, until next week. It can even do this at a lower temperature which saves on energy – this works great with ecobubble™ as well for the mightiest, eco-friendly cycle going.

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    The StainExpert option helps you tackle those pesky stains and marks. It easily removes 24 of the most stubborn stains, ranging from chocolate, to grass and red wine. By automatically adjusting the temperature, drum movement, and soaking time of the wash, it’ll be ready to take care of any annoying marks. So, no matter the stain, you can rest easy knowing that those outfits you love look as good as new after every wash.

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