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What is food fresh technology?

From keeping your groceries fresh to maintaining the perfect temperature, we’ve explained everything you need to know about food freshness technology.

Food freshness is all about making sure the food in your fridge and freezer tastes great for as long as possible. Thanks to features such as adjustable cooling zones and fresh air circulation, our fridge freezers with preservation technology are perfect for when you want to stock up on your favourites.

What are the benefits of fresh food?

Simply put, fresh food keeps for longer and it tastes great. Fridge freezers like this Bosch model make sure all your food is as fresh as the day you bought it.

Not only does it keep mealtimes delicious, but it means there’s less food waste – you’ll find yourself at the supermarket less too.

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What temperature should I store my food?

Different types of food respond to different temperatures. For example, milk is best stored at about 5⁰C, whilst meat and fish are best kept around 4⁰C and below.

Some fridge freezers have flexible cooling zones which let you adapt the temperature in each individual compartment of the appliance. This means things like meat, milk and cheese stay nice and fresh and your bacon butties will still brighten up your morning.

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How can I keep my food fresh?

Some fridge freezers have special technology that sets the ideal temperature and humidity so your food stays fresh. For example, VitaFresh locks in the goodness to make sure things like fruit and veg last for up to three times longer.

Fridge freezers with this technology, like this model from Bosch, create the perfect storage conditions for your food. So not only does your food taste delicious, it’ll also stay fresh and full of vitamins.

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What is Fast Freeze?

Some fridge freezers, like this Bosch model, come with a Fast Freeze setting that quickly lowers the temperature of the freezer, before going back to its normal temperature after a short period of time.

This feature helps to lock in vitamins and nutrients, so when it comes to cooking your food, it still tastes great!

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