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A coffee lovers guide to pod machines

Pod coffee machines are clever little machines for coffee connoisseurs and novices alike. The pods are packed with pre-ground coffee and once placed in the machine, hot water extracts all that lusciousness and creates your chosen drink. That’s enough of the technical stuff though, let’s look at why you might want a pod coffee machine in your home.

Why a pod machine?

If you need good coffee without the fuss, a pod machine could be the way to go. Just pop your chosen capsule in, press start and wait patiently for the goodness to land in your cup. There are a bunch of different pods available, including popular types of coffee like an espresso or an americano and other tasty treats such as a chai latte or a hot chocolate. There aren’t any fiddly filters and the pods can be recycled, so cleaning is simple.

How much do pods cost?

Making one cup from a branded capsule can cost anything between 23p to 50p. If you’re willing to pay for the convenience, that’s not that bad. And, if you’re used to paying coffee shop prices, 50p is a steal. But if you were to use ground coffee from a jar or tin, an espresso shot would only cost you around 7p.

Pros and Cons

Pros :

To summarise, let’s have a look at what’s good about pod coffee:

  • Not just restricted to coffee – there’s hot chocolate, chai latte, iced tea and more to get stuck into
  • Easy to clean
  • The machines are usually quite compact so they won’t take up lots of space in your kitchen

Cons :

It wouldn’t be a fair guide if it wasn’t balanced. Here’s the not so good stuff you need to consider:

  • The machine can only take one branded pod type, e.g Nespresso or Tassimo
  • Over time, buying pods can become expensive in comparison with buying ground coffee

We crave the simple life and that’s why we are sold on pod coffee machines. Not sure about you, but all this talk of coffee is making me need a cup. Hope you don’t mind if we nip to the kitchen for a bit…