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    How To Fit A Tumble Dryer

    Get your new tumble dryer installed and up and running in no time with our installation guide. Fancy leaving it to the professionals? If you’re buying a condenser or heat pump tumble dryer, choose our installation service when you check out and let us do the hard work for you.


    When connecting a tumble dryer...


    Plan where you want to put your dryer. Normally this will be under a kitchen counter or in a utility room.


    Place it next to your fridge or freezer as the heat from the dryer could damage it.


    Make sure that wherever you put it, the room is well ventilated with windows close by.


    Put it in a cupboard or anywhere the air can’t circulate properly.


    Plug the dryer in once you're happy with it in its new home. Do a few test runs using a couple of old towels to make sure it’s working as it should.


    Try to stack it on top of your washing machine without using the right stacking kit.

    How do I connect a vented tumble dryer?

    Vented tumble dryers are more complicated to install. We don’t offer our installation service with vented dryers because they need a hole in the wall for the hose to vent outside. We recommend contacting a professional to take care of it for you, instead of tackling it yourself.


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