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How to disconnect your washing machine

Find out how to disconnect your washing machine with our quick and simple guide

Disconnecting your washing machine may sound a bit daunting. But we’re here to debunk that myth and talk you through each step. From water valves and hoses to avoiding any pesky leaks, we’ve got everything covered to make things nice and easy for you.

Before you begin

A bit later on, you’re going to need a plastic blanking plug. In a nutshell, these little things stop any leakages. If you haven’t kept hold of one from when you originally connected the washing machine, you’ll find them in most hardware shops.

Step 1

Let’s get started by moving your appliance out of its home. It’ll be super-heavy, so gently shuffle it towards you. Keep an eye on your flooring; the last thing we need are any scratches or scuffs! When you’ve brought it out with enough room at the back to reach the hoses and cables, you’re ready to get stuck in.

Step 2

Before we go any further, unplug the appliance to cut off the power going into it. Then, make sure you turn off the water supply to the machine to prevent any leaks. It’ll be near the sink or beneath it. Now that’s done, put a bucket underneath, you’ll need it shortly. It’s a good idea to keep a towel nearby as well.

Step 3

Remove the water hose from the back of your machine. It’s normally a blue pipe. Tip any excess water into the bucket. See, we weren’t kidding about needing one!

Step 4

Now, with a little help from a pipe wrench or pliers, remove the other end of water hose from the wall. Tilt the hose and catch any water in the bucket.

Step 5

Remove the drain hose from the waste pipe near the sink or underneath it. It has a ridged design, you won’t miss it. The bucket comes to the rescue once again; tilt the drain hose and pour out the waste water. Now you’ll need the plastic blanking plug or disc that we told you about earlier. Put it inside the waste pipe to prevent any leaks.

And finally...

Almost there! Remove the drain hose from the machine. You know what to do next, but we’ll tell you anyway because we’re good like that. Similar to the previous steps, tip the drain hose up and pour away the last of the water. And that’s it - nice work!