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A parent's guide to the essential gaming kit

Find out what essential kit your kids will need for gaming.

Gaming couldn’t be more different from the days of Pong, Tetris and text-based adventures. They’re packed with pulse-racing action, challenging puzzles and breath-taking landscapes. If your kids want to get into gaming, you’ll need to get your head around the tech and terminology. Our handy guide will help you gear up for the crazy world of gaming and get kitted out.

Laptop or Desktop?

The first thing to do is find the device that’s best for your kids. Gaming laptops are great for first-time gamers as you get the keyboard, screen and all the parts together in one machine. If they’re after something with more under the hood, a gaming desktop will give their games a little extra oomph. These devices are more powerful and can be upgraded if the older kids fancy a tinker, but you’ll need to get everything else - like the monitor and accessories separately. For more information, our gaming buying guides will help you decide what kind of computer is right for you.

Computer parts and tech

When you’re choosing a new computer or laptop, make sure it’s powerful enough to run your kids’ favourite games. You’ll need a model with a good quality graphics card, fast processor and plenty of RAM. To find out what all this tech means, take a look at our super helpful tech explained articles.

Tech Explained

Computing accessories

Let’s turn our attention to some accessories that can give your kids’ experience a boost. Gaming mice have programmable buttons, which lets gamers customise their controls, giving them the edge in every adventure. Noise-cancelling headsets with a microphone help your kids stay in touch with their friends while playing multiplayer games. They also have great audio quality, so they’re completely immersed in the fun.

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Antivirus protection

Antivirus software will keep your kids safe while they’re online. As well as blocking certain websites and annoying pop-ups, antivirus protects your computer from dodgy downloads. You can also buy a subscription for more than one device, so everyone in your family can browse with confidence. For more information, take a look at our antivirus guide.

Microsoft Office

No matter what your kids say, a gaming computer doesn’t just have to be for gaming. It can still be used for browsing the web, watching TV and yes, even their homework. Microsoft Office will help your kids work smarter with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. And because a gaming computer will have higher quality parts, all these programs will operate smoothly. Check out our page on Microsoft Office for more information on what’s included.

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