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    How to connect your DVD or Blu-ray player to your TV

    Find out how to connect your Blu-ray or DVD player to your TV with either an HDMI cable, A/V cable or component cable

    Whether you’re a tech whizz or a tech novice, the world of Blu-ray and DVD Players can seem a little daunting if you aren’t used to them. We’re here to shed a little light amongst all the wires and sockets and help you get set-up quickly. So you’ll be watching your favourites in no time.

    Which wire should I use?

    If you’ve got yourself a Blu-ray player then a trusty HDMI cable will do the trick. They give you the highest possible quality and are perfect for 4K and HD content. You can also use an HDMI cable with a DVD player but the ports are only found on more modern models. Component cable ports are also less commonly found on DVD players but can give you a great Full HD picture. If your DVD player is a little older, then it’ll have ports for either Scart or A/V cables. These both offer a similar standard definition picture quality, so you won’t be able to enjoy any HD content.

    Shop cables

    Start connecting

    Step 1

    Before you start popping wires in here and there, make sure that both your TV and Blu-ray or DVD Player are turned off.

    Step 2

    Find the correct port (this is basically a socket) on the back of your player that matches up to the cable you’re using. Keep in mind that with A/V and component cables, all you need to do is match the different coloured cable ends to the same coloured port on your player. If your player has both input and output ports, make sure you slot the cable into the output port.

    Step 3

    Pop the other end of the cable into the correct input port on the back on your TV. It’s worth knowing that there might be a few different ports for one type of cable, so keep your eye on which number you’ve used (e.g. HDMI1, HDMI2 and so on).

    Step 4

    Turn your TV and Blu-ray or DVD player on and click either the Source or Input option on your TV remote.

    Step 5

    Select the correct input option from the list that will appear on your TV, and you’ll be ready to start working your way through that movie collection!