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Best gaming computers for puzzle games

Take your puzzle gaming power up a notch with our handy guide.

If you’re mad about conundrums, riddles and all things quizzical, you’ll no doubt be a big fan of puzzle games. They’re a brilliant way to pass the time, but they’re also fantastic for keeping your mind sharp. If you’re looking for something to test your mettle, get your thinking cap on and take a look at what your computer needs to run your favourite puzzle games.


Puzzle games are designed to challenge your mind – the excitement comes from finding a solution and not fancy graphics. This means our gaming laptops and desktops will be the perfect partner for cracking those codes because you won’t need a super powerful graphics card to enhance your playing experience.

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Processor and RAM

While you may not need a high spec graphics card, you will need some power to help you win those challenges. You’ll want a speedy processor to handle lots of calculations and plenty of RAM to keep your computer running smoothly. Intel’s i5 processor is enough to run games without any slowdown, while 8GB of RAM will keep all your favourite programs running effortlessly.

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Puzzle gaming on the go

If you’re truly mad about your puzzle games, you’ll need something to scratch that itch wherever you are. For when you’re out and about, tablets are super portable and speedy enough to run all your favourite games. So, whether you’re on a long, boring commute to work or relaxing on holiday, you’ll be able to stay entertained and keep that old brain of yours as sharp as a tack!

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