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Stay safe online with parental controls

Protect your family whilst they’re online. Find out how installing parental controls will give you peace of mind about what your children are accessing online.

Some antivirus software packages include parental controls. They're easy to set up, and help to keep your children safe online. Our article explains exactly what parental controls are and what features you can use to make sure your children are protected from any harmful content.

What are parental controls?

If you have a young family, parental controls are really important. This feature allows you full control of what your children access online, meaning they won’t see any inappropriate content or be targeted by viruses and spam. Some of our antivirus packages come with parental controls, so you and your family can get on with surfing the web safely.

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Installing parental controls

If you’re installing antivirus software with parental controls on your computer or device, you’ll have an option to apply parental controls. Simply click onto the option and choose the following settings that you feel are appropriate for your family.

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Setting an age limit

You wouldn’t let your children watch an 18 rated film, so you wouldn’t want them accessing content online that isn’t age-appropriate either. Most parental controls let you set an age limit for your children, so you can be sure that even when you’re not supervising them, they won’t be exposed to anything you don’t want them to see. It also allows you to add websites that you are happy for your child to visit a list of safe sites, as well as blocking content that you don’t approve of.

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Safe searching

If search engines aren’t carefully monitored, your children could stumble across all kinds of inappropriate websites. Usually, safe search settings need to be manually turned on when you use search engines, but with parental controls, it’s always turned on as default. You’ll even be able to choose what appears in search results. So your child can get on with researching their homework, without inappropriate sites cropping up.

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Limiting time online

It can be difficult to get your children to do their homework at the best of times, but when their favourite social media site is tempting them away, it’s even harder! This clever setting lets you put a timer on how long your family can spend online, so they’ll get on with what they need to do without any distractions. Even better - you won’t need to coax them away from their laptops for a bit of fresh air!

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