Customer Reviews — Nintendo Switch OLED Model 64GB - White

Customer Reviews — Nintendo Switch OLED Model 64GB - White

Nintendo Switch OLED Model 64GB - White
  • Portable console for gaming on-the-go
  • Touchscreen offers more ways to play
  • OLED display offers vibrant colours
  • Up to 9 hours' battery life
  • 64GB hard drive space for games and apps
4.9 / 5

Pretty much perfect

This is an amazingly versatile games console - both handheld and on the 4K TV through the docking station. Well thought out with a great range of games for all the family. The optional yearly subscription to online gaming & retro games add-on isn't too expensive either. The only annoying thing I found is that changing game cartridges is a tad fiddly (and I only have 2 physical game cartridges) so I'd recommend only getting online games whenever possible.
Luis Sanches

Switch review

Very good fun. My son loves it

daddies belated xmas pressie

brilliant console. bought it to play handheld mainly as have a switch v2 already, also means i don't have to share with the kids.

Super family consol

Amazing piece of kit it's giving so much fun for our family oled screen is looking fantastic and double memory capacity helping.

Lite to OLED - worth it

While sadly this isn't the more powerful switch, this really is the definitive (well, it's Nintendo so you never know) version, which improves on pretty much all aspects of the console. I had a Switch Lite which was more portable but the screen on this is great, the battery life is improved, and overall build quality seems slightly better. It won't fit your pocked, but if you're not out with the switch much, this is definitely the version to get.

A great update to an already fantastic machine

The OLED switch isn't radically different from the old one however the main upgrades are the gorgeous OLED screen and the wired network port. The stand is also much better than before. If a lot of gaming will be in handheld mode then this is definately the one to get

perfect for first-time buyers maybe wait if your existing

This new model the Nintendo switch offers a really nice screen upgrade. If you are a new switch owner this is definitely you want to get. Whether if you already have a perfectly good switch then I probably wouldn't bother upgrading as the screen is the only real draw here albeit a good one

Tempted to get another one!

Amazing console. Does not possess the horsepower of rival consoles but provides way more fun in its little package. Absolute life saver for bored kids in a long car journey. And that OLED screen is just gorgeous.