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    Customer Reviews — Nespresso by Magimix Vertuo Next 11706 - White

    Customer Reviews — Nespresso by Magimix Vertuo Next 11706 - White

    Nespresso by Magimix Vertuo Next 11706 - White
    • Enjoy the full range of Nespresso® coffee
    • 1.1 litre capacity
    • Heats up quickly so you can enjoy your coffee sooner
    • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning
    • 3 year manufacturer warranty for peace of mind
    4.7 / 5

    Basic machine but does the job

    Very excited to try the new Vertuo Magimix! I ordered a white machine (to match my kitchen!) and did expect more of the machine to be white, but it’s mainly black and quite bulky, but a simple design. Really straightforward to set up, just run a cleaning cycle then you’re good to go. There’s only one button so very easy to use, just press it once to make the drink, the machine reads the barcode on the capsule so it knows how much water etc. The lever to open it can be a bit stiff, maybe it’ll loosen over time. No need to remove the used capsule either, the next time you use it it’ll slide down into the built in storage bin on the side. Only downside is if you’ve put a new capsule in and then need to clean the machine, you can either fish it out of the bin or catch it before it drops. The coffee itself is lovely, there are so many choices there’s something for everyone. It’s the closest to barista coffee I’ve had from a machine. But if you like a hot coffee you’ll need to heat milk first as unlike other coffee machines there’s no milk capsule. Whilst the capsules are recyclable, you need to return them to a boutique or drop them off/have them collected when you’ve used about 100. Also you have to order direct from nespresso and in multiples of 10, I wish they did a selector box of each type rather than a small selection. Overall it’s a good machine that does the job. You can link it to the nespresso app but this doesn’t add much value. The coffee quality is superior but the machine is pretty basic.

    Great Product

    Easy to use, nice selection of coffees.

    Good machine

    Makes great coffee and looks stylish. My only slight issue with the machine is that every now and again something doesn't quite work with the pod and it will ruin that pod. Happens very rarely, but when the pods are this expensive, it hurts a bit. Delivery and service from AO was great, too.

    Perfect gift for someone!

    Bought as a gift and recipient really loves it. 100% recommend it for anyone who's beginning with coffee machines anyway. Can't give it a 5/5 because haven't used it long enough yet but so far so good!

    Easy to use

    I opened the box and the machine was ready to be used- nothing needed putting together. The plug lead is slightly shorter than needed but this may be because the machine is in the staff room at work rather than a kitchen. The Vertuo looks smart and doesn't take up much space. The large water hopper makes it ideal for use the staff room, so you don't have to take it to the kitchen to refill it all the time. The machine came with 12 welcome pods, information about the coffee and instructions for use. There was also a bag to put used pods so they can be recycled- important for the environment. The instructions were easy to follow, and after the initial clean the machine was ready to use. I read about the different flavours and started with a mellow coffee. It was simple to make the coffee, which smelt lovely. There was a nice crema on the top. I found the coffee too bitter for my taste, even when I added extra hot water. I drink a lot of black coffee and found both coffees too bitter. Next week I will take some milk into work and am excited to try the Barista Creation pods that came in the box. The cup holder on the Vertuo can be moved up and down depending if you are making an espresso or a long drink. The machine automatically knows which type of drink you are making so uses the correct amount of water- but you need to put the correct size cup in place. I had to check the information as to the size of drink the pod would make but as you become more familiar with the different names this would become easier. Overall I'm impressed with the Vertuo and the ease of use. I'm interested to try the different pods and see if I can find one I like without milk, and also try some with milk.

    Great purchase

    I bought this coffee machine not knowing much about coffee. The Nespresso vertuo next is a great machine, easy to use and stylish.... great purchase and I would recommend it to anyone..

    Great Nespresso Upgrade

    I was looking for an upgrade to my old Nespresso machine, which used the smaller original pod system. The idea of being able to choose different sizes and styles of coffee with the Vertuo system is a real plus. The coffee is great too, from the large travel mug size down to the more original espresso size. The machine comes with a nice selection box of coffee, which was useful to get an idea of which ones to buy afterwards. On an environmental note, the machine comes with a bag to use for recycling the aluminium pods after use, these can be dropped off at the Nespresso 'Boutiques'. The machine itself looks great and is so easy to set up and use. The Vertuo Next machine boasts of app connectivity; however, I could not see any benefits to using the app. One minor downside to the machine that I have found is that the cable is a little too short and where I store it in my kitchen means I have to move it closer to a socket every time I use the machine.

    Pretty good

    Like most of these machines it’s never as hot as you’d like but the coffee is nice and strong and full of flavour. Stick your milk in the mug first and microwave for a minute is my tip!