Customer Reviews — Russell Hobbs Mini Kitchen Mini Oven - Black

Customer Reviews — Russell Hobbs Mini Kitchen Mini Oven - Black

Russell Hobbs Mini Kitchen 22780 Mini Oven - Black
  • 1600 Watt power output
  • Set the timer for perfectly cooked food
  • Fan assisted oven for evenly-cooked results
  • Defrosts food quickly and hygienically
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty for peace of mind
4.7 / 5

Can't use oven and rings at the same time

Can either use oven or rings - not both together. The fan doesn't seem to do much - very uneven heat distribution. Poor insulation. This is very hot to touch. The oven is cheap and it shows. Ok if you want basic. I am a bit disappointed. Very smelly the first time you turn it on.

Overall good quality

Overall good value for money, nice warranty length, works fine and heats up fast. The only issue I see is that the top of the oven is made of a thin metal and bends if pressed down while stirring your food ..

Decent quality

Decent build quality. A little difficult to get started but I suppose reading the instructions may have helped. Very useful for barbecues to keep a couple of pans warm and for warming various breads. A decent product.

Does the job......

Does the job...just!

Russell Hobbs 22780

Really, before ordering the above, I should have read all the reviews rather than a random selection of them. I assumed that the model I was ordering possed the same features as my existing Russell Hobbs mini-cooker which I wad replacing after providing excellent service for almost 20 years. Upon delivery, I realised that the cooking permutations consisted or i) left hob on ii) right hob on iii) both hobs on OR* oven on. *for my old cooker, this would read "AND/or" This would prove to be inadequate for my needs. Fortunately, I've been able to pass it on to a friend whose requirements are met by this model though they have yet to use it. This was my first order with AO & was bowled over by the ease in placing it, the efficient follow up service & the first rate staff who dealt with my enquiries. Being so pleased with my experience, I was gutted that, despite their concerted endeavours, AO were unable to supply a suitable alternative; I would really have preferred to give them my business & will certainly be my first port of call when the future need for future electrical purchases arise.
Mouth of the Humber

Pretty decent...

Pretty decent cooker. Quite useful in compact spaces and reasonably priced for what it can do. Key limitations however are that you can’t temperature control the rings on the top and you can’t use the hob and the oven at the same time.

good alternative if you haven't got a kitchen!

Good temporary solution to no kitchen, the only thing you can't regulate the hob rings temperature
Iwona Gabrys

Worth it!

Very good product for us as we have recently moved house and dont have a kitchen fitted yet. Downside is that you cannot use the oven and the hobs at the same time.
Natasha Bailey