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    Customer Reviews — Melitta Barista TS Smart 6764549 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Black

    Customer Reviews — Melitta Barista TS Smart 6764549 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Black

    Melitta Barista TS Smart 6764549 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Black
    • 21 pre-programmed coffees at the touch of a button
    • Manage your drink settings from your smartphone
    • Built-in grinder uses less heat to preserve flavour
    • Heating system keeps water at the ideal temperature
    • Filter reduces limescale in water for improved taste
    4.6 / 5

    wonderful coffee

    Not our first choice but now very glad that we bought this one. A great range of options and easy to set up and use. The app is just an additonal bonus

    Technical wonder

    Lovely machine, take your time to run through the different options of coffee drinks available which you can tweek to your own taste. The latte is lovely. Going through the different options and adjusting strength is easy. The coffee beans you use is all about personal choice, and ours is based currently on various reviews and will try others when this current selection runs out. We have at the moment Lavazza which is quite a strong coffee bean. It's great to have so much choice with this machine and all at the soft touch of a screen. Cleaning is easy and everything gives you a warning to empty, clean, top up etc. Have been tempted in purchasing a coffee machine since first lockdown and finally bit the bullet, so glad we did, your own delicious coffee at home. I'm sure it will pay for itself in no time. If you love this type of coffee, you wont be disappointed. I researched these for ages and was between Sage, Jura and this Melitta, all are good but this machine not only looks great, but is a technical wonder, highly recommended. Is expensive but you do get what you pay for. Very happy customer.??

    Excellent Machine

    Amazing Product, Great if your a coffee lover! Really simple and easy to set up and use


    Quick and easy to use. Does it make coffee as good as the local coffee shop, 100% it does it you use the freshest beans . I prefer to use the app than buttons on the machine but that personal choice. The machine does a quick clean after every cup which is great to stop the milk side of things getting dirty. It’s not cheap but well worth it. Especially if your working from home.

    Great quality with lots of customisation options

    Huge range of recipes, great customisation, and excellent quality. Pretty quiet for a bean to cup machine. App is a little fiddly to use, and is a bit temperamental when connecting to machine. Drip tray needs emptying pretty frequently, but is easy to do. Self cleaning function quick and straightforward.

    Xmas present for wife

    Very impressive equipment has brought the small joy of Barista coffee home during lockdown and beyond.

    Faulty and poor build quality

    Great coffee, great features. Milk frothing is amazing, nice fluffy milk with brilliant foam. Unfortunately though, my machine became faulty after just 6 days of use. We have only been having 2-4 cups of coffee per day so we haven’t exactly been overusing the machine either. The machine started displaying ‘system error 8’ when switching on and wouldn’t allow it to be used. I called Melitta customer service who went through some troubleshooting over the phone but could not fix the machine. They said this is a common issue at 6-8 months use but not usually after 6 days. Hearing this didn’t fill me with confidence, and paying this amount for the machine I would expect it to last years. I have therefore arranged to return the machine for a full refund. It’s a shame because I am struggling to find any other machines with as good reviews as this one for coffee taste and features. That said, I have found the build quality of this machine to be a cheap and very plasticky. Not what you’d expect for the price.

    Good coffee, easy to use

    This is my first bean to cup machine although I've used a "commercial" one at work. It is easy to set up and use, although I haven't yet set up personalised recipes or really used the Bluetooth (apart from checking it worked on setup). You can vary your coffee beans, strength, amount and milk amounts on the machine itself, which is what the family do at the moment. The two bean hoppers are great, we road tested an espresso vs a columbian bean initially (I prefer columbian, my son prefers darker roast), but now have some decent decaff beans in the 2nd hopper. Most of the family is lactose intolerant, so it was important that we could use plant based milks - we usually use oat barista milk in instant coffee/tea, and this works great in the machine giving a creamy taste and good froth. I've since decided to go low carb, so tried almond milk (quite thin, bitter after taste, but will froth, although not as well as oat milk), I've just tried pea milk and it is surprisingly good, no strange taste or aftertaste, froths well - I would say oat is more like full cream and pea is like semi-skimmed, but machine copes fine with both. Cleaning is straight forward, just plug milk hose in after you've finished and machine rinsed and steams nozzles and hose (we leave a cup under the nozzle as machine puts small rinse through on starting up and switching off and cleaning after milk). I tend to refill water in morning and late afternoon, and empty drip tray once or twice a day. I can't comment on how long water filter lasts, as didn't install as we have very soft/tasty water. Overall very happy with machine, easy to use, very tasty coffee, some people have said about temp of coffee, but I take milk out of fridge about 10 mins before 1st coffee, and give the mug a quick rinse with the hot water from the machine and temp has been fine for us. I'm sure I will start experimenting with recipes and grind level in future, but fine on factory setting for a really tasty coffee. Machine is not a cheap option, but hopefully will not take long to recoup the cost after giving up Costa/Starbucks etc... Highly recomnended.