Customer Reviews — Wpro C00375499 Laundry Accessory White

Customer Reviews — Wpro C00375499 Laundry Accessory White

Wpro C00375499 Laundry Accessory - White
  • Washing machine care pack
  • Includes anti-limescale magnet
  • Prevents limescale build-up to protect your machine
  • Softens water to help protect your machine
  • Suitable for use with all brands of machine
4.6 / 5

Washing machine doesn't dry.

I have had the washing machine a week. I put it on wash & dry and cloths came out soaking wet. I have now had to phone the manufacturers twice. The first time she gave a programme to dry only and they just came out damp although I had it on the cupboard setting which means they should be completely dry. I have phone the manufacturers yet again yesterday who gave me another setting to try which I think was 5 on dry only and cupboard for completely dry. Two hours and 55 minutes later they came out still soaking wet. Not only that every 10 seconds the machine makes a double clanging noise which runs through the pipes in the kitchen and bathroom and the tap water jump when it does it. I have been told this is a valve opening and closing but it's really annoying and you can hear it above the television in the living room. It's the worse product I have ever bought and I will we complaining about it. I have paid for a washer/dryer but basically only have a washing machine. I bought another Hotpoint as they used to be good machines!!.
Unhappy Customer

Anti limescale magnet

Unable to fit this due to design of kitchen and installation of machine
Pamela arnold

Didn’t bother installing

Did some reading on its effectiveness and decided it wasn’t worth the bother as no proven benefits

We couldn’t fit it without it leaking

We couldn’t fit it without it leaking. I realise this could be our pipe work as much as the product.

Doesn't Seal

Seemed a great idea but when attached to the water pipe it didn't seal and was allowing water to seep down the pipe. No issues when the water hose is attached to the pipe without the magnet. Disappointing.

No point in having this rubbish

£20 for this is absolutely a rip off it's complete waste of money and pointless

Washing Machine care

A bit of a waste of time as I live in an area with very little lime scale deposits, however, I imagine i would be very good for areas where the water is hard.

Only had a week so far very good would recommend.Very happy so far

Old house did not have room.