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    Customer Reviews - Henry HVR160-11 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

    Customer Reviews - Henry HVR160-11 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

    Henry HVR160-11 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
    • Bagged cleaning for mess-free emptying
    • Gives great results on both hard floors and carpets
    • Tools stored on-board the vacuum for easy access
    • Has a cord length of 10 metres
    • Tritex filter keeps dust away from the vacuum motor
    4.9 / 5

    Irritating design fault

    I have always loved Henry vacuums for being no-nonsense and robust. However, this latest model has an irritating design fault. The extension tube connects to the main flexible hose by a simple push connection. There is no clip to hold it in place. Guess what? After time this loosens and pulls apart when you are using it. As another reviewer has noted, the suction on the Henry is awesome and pulls on the floor covering, causing the extension tube to pull apart. This model used ot have a 2 speed motor so you could deal with this, but that has been dropped, presumably to save costs. There is an air vent to open in the tube to reduce the force of the suction, but this does not counter the problem.

    Hoorah for Henry the Hoover!!

    After many years of dedication to the Dyson, I thought it was time to embrace change and purchase, Henry the Hoover! I'd heard great things about him in the past however, Henry never really appealed to me considering I had a good old Dyson until one day it failed me! Yes that's right, Dyson you kicked out all the dirty dust over my living room!! Yuk!! So, I searched the web and like a dog with soppy eyes Henry stared me in the face. He was playing it cool, with his bright red coat looking all smart, just like Jack in Titanic when he took Rose's hand. How could I resist the little guy!! So I ordered him online and he arrived a few days later. After I excitedly unwrapped and found how easily it was to put him together, I immediately bagged him and within seconds I was using his hose to suck up all the dust and fluff that had gathered since my last hoover spell! Henry totally lived up to my expectations of him and the attachments are so easy to use especially on the laminate floor and up high with the cobwebs!! The only down fall I would say would be the stairs, theres not enough hose to go right to the top however, you can just pick him up and multi task! It's been a couple weeks since I bought him and he's really settled in nicely with the family, he's definitely here to stay i just wish i got him sooner!!!

    Still the best for carpet and wooden floors

    Having moved onto bag-less vacuums when they came out I had always assumed they were better than bagged. Even though I used to regularly clean and change the filters they would often overheat, fuse or loose suction. After our last bag-less vacuum died I thought I'd do a bit of research on what to get next. The professional cleaners I asked or read have recommended the Henry for ease of use, reliability and suction so I decided to give him a go and I'm very impressed. Easy to assemble and use. The suction is great and because it has a large bag I don't need to empty it nearly as much as the bag-less ones. It also looks like it doesn't need me to do much maintenance. Great product and British.

    Top rated hoover for over 20 years

    I had a Henry hoover 22years ago. I stopped using Henry when newcordless vacuums came onto the market boasting to clean your whole house effortlessly. I found that my big name brand cordless vacuum that cost me over £300 kept running out of charge half way through the house and did not pick up all the dust. You cannot beat the power, efficiency and trust of a Henry hoover. I will not be going back to cordless. I am so happy that I have my Henry back and a clean house. Thank you.
    Henry v cordless

    Actually sucks stuff up

    We've had a Dyson for 2 years and it's never really sucked anything up and to empty it we had to put a chop stick into it and scoop the fluff and dirt out. Henry has super powerful suction and the carpet's never looked cleaner. Yes it's a bit heavy and clunky but does the job!

    Amazing Little Vacuum!

    Henry is such a little work horse of a vacuum! I had a Vax before a used to have to go over my carpets with rubber gloves to put up the cat hair! First time I ran over them with Henry then with the rubber gloves they never got up a single hair, Henry got them all! The attachments make it so easy to do the stairs and my couch and the different carpet and hard floor settings means it can easily adapt to different floor types. I’ve had building & decorating work going on in my house including getting new worktops put in. Henry hoovered up all the saw dust with ease and I haven’t even half filled the first bag yet! I love the fact there’s a bag so the filters don’t need to be cleaned every time we use it like the bagless vacuums they are popular today. So glad I bought this hoover over the fashionable Sharks etc that are on sale today. I have 110% converted to Henry and family Never looking back :D
    C. Cree

    Great Hoover, good size

    Hoover is easy to assemble, all pieces are replaceable/ and different fittings easy to switch over. Cleans both carpet and wooden floor easily. Good addition is a clip to hold the hose when not in use.


    This hoover has been bought to replace a more expensive one [over twice the price] we find the Henry quite a lot better in every way.