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    Customer Reviews - Henry HVR160-11 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

    Customer Reviews - Henry HVR160-11 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

    Henry HVR160-11 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
    Save £29
    Was £159
    • Bagged cleaning for mess-free emptying
    • Gives great results on both hard floors and carpets
    • Tools stored on-board the vacuum for easy access
    • Has a cord length of 10 metres
    • Tritex filter keeps dust away from the vacuum motor
    4.9 / 5

    Great vacuum

    Good little vaccine shame they have changed the design to cheap tacky plastic feels and looks cheap

    not happy with henry

    not easy to push and the handle keeps disconnecting because the suction is strong. could do with a click type connector instead of just pushing on. It also twists making it difficult to direct. They should go back to the old design.

    Irritating design fault

    I have always loved Henry vacuums for being no-nonsense and robust. However, this latest model has an irritating design fault. The extension tube connects to the main flexible hose by a simple push connection. There is no clip to hold it in place. Guess what? After time this loosens and pulls apart when you are using it. As another reviewer has noted, the suction on the Henry is awesome and pulls on the floor covering, causing the extension tube to pull apart. This model used ot have a 2 speed motor so you could deal with this, but that has been dropped, presumably to save costs. There is an air vent to open in the tube to reduce the force of the suction, but this does not counter the problem.


    ok, but hosepipe system gets underfoot. I have some mobility issues.
    Ne Davies


    Bit disappointed with Henry,very powerful suction,so I find it difficult to hoover rugs,as it lifts them up of the floor!. Also have a problem removing the main accessory(the one shown in the picture)as it's a very tight fit,no problem with our old Henry though. I have yet to find out how the accessories are stored on Henry,not enough slots!,hand book is no help. Not happy with this new improved? model,cable storage is good though.

    My first Ever Henry

    This is one hell of a Hoover! Efficient and easy to put together, it also does the job very well.
    Careful shopper

    Cheaply made outer body of Henry

    Such a shame that after 20 years of using a Henry, the structure is much more cheaply made. The plastic used and the moving parts on the attachments, like the main cleaning foot, seems like it’s going to snap. Saying all this the suction’s still fantastic. I will see how these moving parts last, but feel I won’t buy another one in the future, hence my 3 star rating, these stars are for the suction alone.. From a slightly disappointed customer.

    Vacuumed cleaner HenryHVR160

    The only thing I dont like on this Henry is.the sweeper head because it pulls up my carpets the head on my old Henry is much better so I use the old head on my new Henry