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    Customer Reviews - Haier i-Pro Series 5 8Kg / 5Kg Washer Dryer - Anthracite - D Rated

    Customer Reviews - Haier i-Pro Series 5 8Kg / 5Kg Washer Dryer - Anthracite - D Rated

    Haier i-Pro Series 5 HWD80-B14959S8U1 8Kg / 5Kg Washer Dryer with 1400 rpm - Anthracite - D Rated
    • 8kg wash & 5kg dry load - great for medium households
    • Washing-Lens decodes symbols for the best cycle
    • I-Refresh tech dewrinkles & refreshes delicate fabrics
    • Super quiet model - great for open plan living
    • Dimensions (cm) - H85 x W60 x D53
    4.7 / 5

    Terribly designed and at times impossible to use

    This was one of the unusable products I’ve come across. We both work in the tech industry and have lots of smart home devices, which have no problem using, but this machine is so badly designed that it’s unnecessarily difficult and at times impossible to use. 1) the touch screen interface is not intuitive or learnable. There is not enough feedback to tell you what is going on. We had to resort to using the app to set the programme. We have not been able to successfully use the machine interface at all. 2) connecting to the app is unnecessarily difficult every time you want to set the programme. You have to turn on the machine, and then wait at least 5 mins or more (varies) for the app to recognise that it’s online. Sometimes the machine turns itself off before you can connect. 3) the set of programmes available seem randomly put together with little thought. There are lots of choices and it’s not clear what the significant difference is between them. It tells you the specs of each cycle but how am I supposed to know what they are best for? The names are somewhat descriptive but it’s still not clear. There is a smart AI programme (only on the app) that seems to cover a lot of the needs so I just use that, but again I’m just guessing. 3) the user manual is not proof read and impossible to interpret correctly due to the vague language. 4) the washing seems to be a good standard but since I cannot understand how to use it or understand the manual I don’t know if I’m getting the best use out of it. Some obvious useful features are missing such as telling me the weight of the clothes I’ve put in, instead of making me weigh the load every time. And also I don’t know if the drying weight means wet or dry. Again an obvious thing to include in the instructions if any thought bit of thought was put into it. Overall probably the worst purchase of an appliance I’ve ever made. Avoid these “high tech, cool sounding” products that are actually arrogantly and poorly designed. Most people would think it’s their own fault because of the snazzy looking tech, which is such a shame.

    Good but disappointing

    Great product let down by AO's pushy insurance sale tactics!
    Martin steward

    The Best Washer dryer on the Planet!

    I tried to purchase this at another store but this model was unfortunately out of stock. I was lucky enough to find it on AO for such a bargain! I have been using it quite frequently since it arrived and I have not had any problems. Customer service was lovely and the design and colour of the machine is absolutely immaculate and quite easy to use without instructions. Overall I would recommend this Haier I Pro S7 Washer dryer as it is not noisy and perfect for people with mobility issues.

    Confusing features otherwise nice looking machine

    User manual is confusing some options mentioned do not appear to be to applicable to this model , and no information on how to contact customer services to check.
    Anthony Groves

    Great product

    Super quite - few issues to begin with but can’t fault it

    Great Dual Machine

    Really easy to use. Quiet cycle (including the final spin). Machine adjusts if you incorrectly choose a setting based on weight.

    Great machine ! Smart yet simple!

    I still haven’t got my head around all the programs but just the ones I know work brilliantly and its super efficient. The dryer works well as long as you’re using it wisely and only dry half the wet load. Also good if stuff is part dry to finish it off but need to put it on level 3.
    Eleanor Scott

    Dryer function comes on by itself

    Complex’s user instructions. Set to wash without Dryer on cotton wash 117 minutes halfway through wash cycle changes to 2hrs 37mins and dryer function added.Need to turn off Machine and start again cotton wash 117 Minutes. This has happened 3 out of 9 times
    John Ryan