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    Customer Reviews - Hotpoint Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A+ Rated

    Customer Reviews - Hotpoint Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A+ Rated

    Hotpoint SI4854PIX Built In Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A+ Rated
    • Multifunctional oven - gives you more ways to cook
    • 71 litre capacity - great for large households
    • Even distribution of hot air cooks food evenly
    • Powerful pyrolytic function - self-cleaning oven
    • Dimensions (cm) H59.5 x W59.5 x D56.4 – Learn more
    4.7 / 5


    Broke within two years, Hotpoint engineer couldn't repair it.

    Tripping fused spur

    Had my old oven 3 yrs and worked fine with our 13amp fused spur switch but this Hotpoint oven is overloading the 13amp and tripping the switch. I don't know why when our other worked fine.

    Great Oven until it breaks...

    Bought in 2019 and the Conventional Oven Element that is never used as we use the fan assist element has broke. Hotpoint engineer has come out but as the part has broke apart half way along, there is no way to get into the recess to remove the rest of the old one to fit new element in now so the whole machine is now un fixable and has been decommissioned. Just hope the French Reparability laws make some of these companies rethink their designs going forward, simple element swap out now means £300 wasted on a higher quality brand, think ill just stick with cheap £100-£150 oven from now on. Great delivery etc from AO mind so no fault there
    Chris Thompson

    BEWARE: It breaks down as soon as its warranty expires

    AVOID! This cooker broke down as soon as the warranty expired, which indicates planned obsolescence. It started fusing the electrics, tuning off the whole electricity in my house. Terrible experience!

    Can I give it 0 stars?

    The product has developed significant faults less than 2 years after purchase: - digital display has come loose inside and rotates when I move the control button, looking skewed most of the time; - fan rattles loudly when using the fan function; - stainless steel finish is low quality and has developed rust on the over door. Also, the pyrolytic cleaning is not very effective at all. The 1 year manufacturers warranty has lapsed and Hotpoint and AO repair quotes are astronomical, costing almost as much as the oven itself. Very disappointing for a product endorsed by Jamie Oliver - will not be so easily swayed by the celebrity name next time and will definitely avoid Hotpoint.

    Developed a fault after 6 days

    Used this oven 6 times in 6 days. Took much longer to cook food than my last oven, I’ve had to cook everything for 10 minutes longer than advised. By the 6th day after cooking the oven would not switch off so had to turn it off at the plug. Contacted AO who got in touch with Hotpoint, they have agreed to send a replacement. Hopefully this one works better and I may change my review.

    Glass shattered under pyroclean cycle

    Great service from AO. Staff working from home under coronavirus restraints but complaint handled professionally. The oven was working brilliantly for 2 weeks and we decided to let it run through it pyroclean cycle where it gets to a really hot temperature to basically turn any dirt into dust. Until we heard a huge bang and the door glass had shattered throwing bits all over kitchen. Sadly now without any oven during lockdown and a freezer full of food we cant cook. Another journey now to shops to spend even more money on meals we can do on hob. New oven on way but out of stock for over a week.
    Allen James

    Expensive Cheap Oven

    If you want all the fancey functions from an oven that should cost 600+ then I can only reccomend you buy a decent oven. "Powerful pyrolytic function - self-cleaning oven" is possibly just an April fools joke on the description. I have two of these ovens and both are utterly pointless burning hours of electricity. One Ovens bulb has gone after literally 9 months...
    Lord Ransom