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    Customer Reviews - Samsung Series 5 SpaceMax WW11BGA046AE 11kg Washing Machine with 1400 rpm - White - A Rated

    Customer Reviews - Samsung Series 5 SpaceMax WW11BGA046AE 11kg Washing Machine with 1400 rpm - White - A Rated

    Samsung Series 5 SpaceMax WW11BGA046AE 11kg Washing Machine with 1400 rpm - White - A Rated
    Save £80
    Was £499
    • 11kg drum capacity - Great for large households
    • SpaceMax™ technology — The same machine & a larger drum
    • ecobubble™ – Wash at low energy-efficient temperatures
    • Hygiene Steam – Targets germs, bacteria and allergens
    • Dimensions (cm) - H85 x W60 x D60
    4.8 / 5

    Save your money

    The machine was ok for the first few weeks, now keeps cutting out and won’t finish rinse and spin cycle. I’ve calibrated it etc and is now just a waste of money

    Massively disappointed - repair call in under 3 months

    This machine lasted less than 3 months before I had to raise a repair call. It was getting stuck in cycles and either taking ages to finish or never finishing before I gave up hours later. It would frequently say that a cycle would take around 1hr20 at the start, and then still be going after 3 or 4 hours. It turns out there are actually too issues: 1)It needed a software update which completely fixed the main problem of getting stuck in cycles 2)It is apparently slightly vulnerable to wobble and the software problem was exacerbating that issue. It was moving all over the place when it tried again and again to get into a spin cycle but always reset before it got going. That's presumably the time when there will be most movement as the clothes are soaking wet and heavy. Now the software is resolved it's basically working ok I really thought that I might get beyond the 3 month point with a brand new mid range washing machine but alas no. It's also incredibly frustrating that the machine originally arrived 5 x faster than the service engineer arrived to fix it.
    Simon B


    Very disappointed in the washing machine. It isn’t working properly. It takes over two hours to do a mixed wash which should take one hour and eight minutes. Even testing it without washing in the drum it still takes twice as long as it should. Also, despite being advertised as an 11 kilo drum according to the instructions the maximum weight of washing to be put in on a mixed load is Five pounds! That is just two sheets and one towel. Not even five kilos. If I had known how small a load it would take beforehand I would never have bought it. My old machine would do a very decent amount of washing without any problem. I would not recommend this machine to anyone. Christine Mckinnon.
    Christine Mckinnon.

    Really disappointing

    Really disappointing... I have only had 3 weeks so far! Leaked after second wash on the day of delivery. AO advised we had to contact Samsung which we did, they sent out an engineer approx. 1 week later and replaced the door. Was fine for a couple of weeks, however today, it seems to be leaking through the door worse than before! Real shame as I thought Samsung would be a reliable make after my Bosch machine which lasted 17 years! When it works and doesn't leak it washes fine so maybe I have been delivered a faulty machine? Still haven't resolved with Samsung the next course of action. Waiting for a call back tonight and I am going to request a new machine as I paid a lot of money and shouldn't be having these issues after less than 1 month. Seems AO want nothing to do with you after purchasing through them and just pass you onto the manufacture. Not happy.
    Tanya Murdoch

    Brand new and LEAKING!

    Extremely disappointed with this machine as it is brand new, delivered today, and leaks. First use has flooded the kitchen. Fortunately we were around and noticed the leak. Thank goodness we hadn’t gone out or left it running overnight. All the pipes are secure, inlet pipes and drain pipes. The machine is level. The leak seems to be coming from the middle of the machine somewhere, so guessing an engineer is going to have to sort it out. Very inconvenient as have washing piling up. Delivery was great and couldn’t fault the drivers by the way.
    Chris Staples


    This product does not have Wi-Fi. Something we expressed when using your search engine. So now have a product that doesn’t fulfill our needs.
    Tony Sorby

    Can't operate it

    I have a faulty washing machine delivered and can't get any satisfaction in getting it returned for a refund.
    margaret dorothy Tidey

    Happy to give it a try as it is my first Samsung

    AO delivered and take away way 5 star . The Samsung washing is not working properly as it will not spin with out the washing machine jumping up and down as it can work out the load . One jumper is no good. Two jumpers it is still no good, three things to fill the drum ?? is no good. The washing is level as I have chequed . Just wanted to send it back.
    Simon Vallard