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    AEG ComfortLift dishwashers

    Make light work of the dishes with AEG’s fantastic range of ComfortLift dishwashers. With handy features such as the Satellite Spray Arm which leaves nothing unclean, you won’t dread that after dinner clean-up.


    AEG’s handy ComfortLift feature means you’ll no longer do your back in while loading your dishwasher. The bottom basket slides out and with one click can be lifted to a height that’s easy to reach. This means you can load your dishwasher without constantly bending down.

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    AEG Dishwasher AirDry


    The AirDry feature dries all your dishes and glasses without any added energy. At the end of the cycle the door will open by 10cm so that natural air can flow inside and dry your kitchenware. This is more energy efficient, and because it lets the moisture escape it’s also much more hygienic than a standard drying cycle.

    AEG Dishwasher Satellite Spray Arm

    Satellite Spray Arm

    The Satellite Spray Arm is a powerful cleaning arm at the bottom of the dishwasher that makes sure every dish, glass and bowl gets a proper clean. The spray arm spins around shooting water into the middle of the dishwasher, with a smaller arm covering the corners. This means every item will come out sparkling.

    AEG Dishwasher Removable Cutlery Tray

    Removable cutlery tray

    The removable cutlery tray is a third rack at the top of your dishwasher. This handy tray gives you plenty of space to load your cutlery and cooking utensils. It lifts out too, so you can directly unload your knives and forks with ease.

    AEG Dishwasher Light Beam

    Light Beam

    The clever Light Beam lets you know when you can unload your dishwasher. A red dot will shine on your floor whilst a wash is on, so you know not to open it. Once it’s finished, the light will turn green meaning you’re safe to unload all those sparkling dishes.


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