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    What is an Artificial Intelligence toothbrush?

    Yes, you read right. Artificial Intelligence is now in toothbrushes - and it’s great. A brush that knows exactly how you clean your teeth and helps you improve every day? Yes please. Just keep scrolling to brush up on your AI knowledge.

    What are the benefits of an Artificial Intelligence toothbrush?

    Never miss a tooth

    According to the clever bods at Oral-B, 80% of people miss bits when they’re brushing. That’s why they’ve created AI brushes that track exactly where they’ve cleaned and show it on the app in real time. So, as you’re brushing, you can check you’ve reached every bit of your mouth.

    2 minutes on the dot

    Brushing for 2 minutes is really important - under brushing prevents a thorough clean, while over brushing can lead to dental issues. So the app times how long you’re cleaning, just to help you hit that sweet 2 minute spot each time.

    Gentle on the brush, gentle on the gums

    Pushing too hard while you’re cleaning can damage enamel and lead to sensitivity or gum recession. That’s why these brushes have a sensor that tells you if you need to reduce the pressure you’re putting on the brush.

    Brush better every day

    Brushing correctly is key to avoiding those nasty trips to the dentist. So, with every clean, the app gives you a brushing score which tells you how much coverage you’re getting, helping you improve your technique and keep your mouth healthy.

    Oral-B Genius X

    • AI tech analyses your brushing & guides you
    • 6 brushing modes take care of teeth, gums and tongue
    • Cordless with a 16-day battery life
    • Comes with charger, brush head and travel case

    Looking for the right toothbrush? Well, this electric one from Oral-B is specially designed by dentists, with AI tech that analyses how you clean your teeth and gives you real-time tips. With a 16-day battery, you won’t need to recharge it too often, and its 6 modes make it easy to take the best care of your mouth - even if you have sensitive teeth. It comes with an extra head, a charger, and a travel case too, so you can take it with you when you jet off.

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    Who should have an Artificial Intelligence toothbrush?

    Forward thinkers

    Want to keep your teeth at their best? Make sure you use the app to get a 100% brushing score every day, and not only will you get better at brushing, but it’ll protect your teeth and keep them sparkling.

    Dentist’s best friend

    Problems with your teeth and gums? AI brushes help you take control of your oral hygiene - they give your teeth a deep clean and offer real time feedback on how to do it better, so those trips to the dentist won’t have to be as frequent.

    Tooth fairy’s favourites

    Not only will an AI brush help protect your children’s smiles, but with all their tips and tricks, they’re perfect for teaching them how to clean their teeth properly. They might even help delay the fairy a little longer…

    Gadget lovers

    If you love keeping up with all the latest tech, you shouldn’t miss this. Adding the toothbrush to your collection is sure to make you smile - and luckily it’ll be gleaming for years to come, thanks to the brush’s cleaning power.


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