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    Asus Chromebooks

    Chromebooks are easy to use, quick to set up and even better in action. They’re really reasonable in price too, meaning you won’t even have to splurge all your savings on one (Dad approves). So, if you’re looking for a new toy to take away to uni with you, a Chromebook is a great option.

    Why choose an Asus Chromebook?

    Boots up quickly

    Setting up an Asus Chromebook couldn’t be any simpler. They all run on Chrome OS, which is a one way ticket to speedy load up times and fast access to all your Google Drive files. Just switch it on, log into your Google account and away you go. Told you.

    Long battery life

    Because Chromebooks come with impressive battery lives, you’ll never find yourself rummaging around for the charger after an hour or two. Most of them can run for 12 hours from one charge (some even longer), meaning you’ll have tonnes of power for all the those dreaded all-nighters. Don’t make it a habit, though.

    Built-in virus protection

    You’ll never have to worry about nasty bugs making their way into your Asus Chromebook, since they come with multiple layers of security already built in. That means you won’t have download any third-party software. Chromebooks will be ready to shield you from viruses, defend you from malware and identify any baddies as soon as you start it up. Pow pow.

    Apps for every occasion

    With speedy processors, lots of RAM and easy access to the Google Play Store, an Asus Chromebook will have you flicking between apps without the tedious lagging. So, whether you’re juggling a few different documents at once, or you’re spicing it up with a playlist, there’ll be nothing getting in the way of you and your deadlines.

    Asus C423NA 14" Chromebook Laptop - Silver

    This Asus Chromebook will be the perfect addition to your school bag. It’s quick to set up and runs on Chrome OS, putting all your files and docs in one place. Its Intel® Celeron® processor and 4GB of RAM makes it easy to flick between a few apps too. Even better, the built-in antivirus will have your back and save you from any nasties. And with a 10-hour battery life, it’ll be no biggie if you forget to pack your charger. Nice.

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    What are Asus Chromebooks great for?

    All-nighters and lectures

    Tired of having to rely on a bulky charger? Problem solved if you get yourself an Asus Chromebook. Their 12 hour (or more) battery lives will always see you through those long days, hazy all-nighters and hungover boxset binges.

    Working from home

    If you’re not feeling the library one evening, Chromebooks are great for churning out essays from your beloved bed (look away, Mum). Not only can you store all your files on a free 1 year Google Drive storage subscription1, but you’ll even be able to work offline and transfer your docs later on. Perfect for when the landlord doesn’t pull through with the WiFi. It’s bound to happen.

    Juggling bops, docs and what to watch

    Asus Chromebooks are great for spinning a few different plates at once. Whether you’re scrolling your social feeds, watching a film or just online shopping, they’re perfect for multitasking. You’ll even get a free 3 month subscription to Stadia Pro3 and YouTube Premium2 for all your gaming and streaming needs – sign us up.

    Blasting through assignments

    Because they’re really easy to set up, there’ll be nothing holding you back when it comes to the classroom. Their Chrome OS systems will have you all fired up and ready to go as soon as you turn it on. Lovely.


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    1Redeem offer until 1/31/22. Terms apply.

    2Terms apply. For a limited time only.

    3This Stadia Pro Pass promotion offer provides a 3-month trial for Stadia Pro without charge. Stadia Pro is $9.99/mo after trial, cancel anytime. Promotion is only open to all Chromebook users, with a Chromebook device launched June 2017 onwards, in the United States (excluding Guam, Hawaii and U.S. Virgin Islands), Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and France, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Spain while supplies last. Stadia Pro Promotional Offer terms apply. Code expires by September 30, 2021. Code must be redeemed by December 31, 2021. To accept this offer: (1) activate your Google Play-enabled Chromebook and select the offer from the Google Chromebooks Offers Site at www.google.com/chromebook/perks to receive a promo code, (2) click on the link provided to create an account and the code will automatically be applied. If you have an existing Stadia account and are eligible for the promotion, you can redeem your code by selecting your Stadia avatar > Stadia settings > Redeem code. Limit 1 per device. Eligibility: Only Chromebooks launched after June 2017 are eligible. Please see here for a list of devices launched before June 2017.