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    A laptop like no other

    Find out more about ASUS’ range of OLED laptops and why they’re amazing.

    Top-end laptop screens are amazing these days, but an ASUS model with an OLED display takes things a step further. It gives you big, bright, bold colours that are fantastic for work and play alike – from professional photo and video editing to watching epic blockbusters on-the-go. So, if you fancy amazing lifelike detail that’s a real treat for your eyes, look no further.

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    Say goodbye to tired eyes

    If you spend a long time staring at screens, you’ve probably noticed your eyes getting tired. That’s why ASUS OLED laptops are specially designed to give off 70% less blue light, which stops you feeling like a zombie after a day at the office (or anywhere, really). They do that by using clever organic lighting, so you can still function at the end of the day.

    Bring images to life

    Colour is one thing, but contrast is just as important if you want an incredible picture. ASUS OLED laptop screens are made to show off the darkest blacks perfectly, giving you a crisp, clear image that makes every detail really pop. That means whether you’re working on a creative project, or just relaxing with a film, you’ll enjoy the very best quality.

    An unbelievably smooth picture

    Lifelike colour? Check. Amazing contrast? Check. An ASUS OLED laptop screen has it all, including a lightning-fast response time. At a blistering 0.2 milliseconds, every pixel can change from one colour to the next instantly, giving you the smoothest, sharpest picture with no blurring. That makes it the perfect display for working, streaming, gaming and more – you’ll never miss a single detail.

    The most accurate colours around

    For designers, makers and creators of all kinds, colour really matters. So, it’s a good job that ASUS OLED laptop displays are PANTONE® Validated, which means what you see on-screen is exactly what you get. Every shade, every tone, every hue is 100% accurate and lifelike. It’s the perfect way to make sure your projects are the best they can be (or just kick back with a boxset binge at the end of the day – we’ve all done it).


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