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    Want to save money on your water bills?

    Find out more about cost efficient dishwashers and all the latest tech

    Auto Dosing

    Intelligent auto dosing for the perfect clean.

    It’s never been easier or faster to fill your dishwasher and get a load on. Thanks to clever auto-dosing tech, you won’t even have to measure out your detergent. The dispenser holds up to a months’ worth of detergent – so all you need to do is fill it up, and it’ll release the perfect amount each time you wash. Easy!

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    Superior Dry

    Wash and dry dishes with minimum effort.

    Put that tea towel down! Lots of dishwashers now come with incredible drying performance. Whether it’s special tech that absorbs moisture, or fast and efficient air drying – your pots and pans will come out perfectly dry. Yep, even those pesky plastics.

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    Massive Capacity

    Enough space to get plates sparkling

    Doing the dishes is a drag, but it doesn’t have to be. You’ll find plenty of space for all your plates and cutlery, while making sure they each get the perfect clean. Cut back on wash cycles with capacity that’ll keep you covered.

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