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    Hotpoint gas and induction hobs

    Experience fresh thinking for forgotten food with Hotpoint gas and induction hobs. This fantastic range has been finely tuned to help you take last night’s leftovers from dull to delicious.

    Direct Flame Technology

    Hotpoint’s Direct Flame Technology uses 420 tiny holes for a strong and even wave of heat across the entire surface. Better yet, the heat is directed upwards, meaning no heat is lost around the pan. So, not only will that T-bone steak be beautifully medium rare, you’ll be saving up 20% in energy and time as well.

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    Stylish glass finish

    The stylish glass finish on Hotpoint’s range of hobs gives traditional gas cooking a modern twist. Not only does it look the part in your kitchen, the glass surface is really easy to clean when you get messy in the kitchen.

    Sturdy cast iron supports

    Cook with absolute peace of mind with sturdy cast iron supports. Made from - you guessed it - cast iron, they’ll be able to hold the heaviest of crock pots while you work your magic on that winter casserole.

    Traditional rotary dials

    Rotary dials are quick, easy and to the point. Just turn to the power level you want to get cooking. And when you need to bring that curry down from a sizzle to a simmer, just switch the dial in one quick and easy move.


    With auto-ignition all you have to do is turn the dial to the level of power you want, and the hob will the light up the burner on its own. So, you get straight into your cooking.

    Induction Technology

    Not only do induction hobs look the ticket, they pack a real punch too. Powered by electromagnets, they heat the base of your pans much faster than other models – saving you time and energy in the kitchen.

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    Four induction zones

    Four separate cooking zones gives you more than enough room to stretch your culinary muscles. Whether it’s Mexican night or a Sunday morning fry-up, you’ll have your beans bubbling and eggs scrambled by the time the bacon’s crispy.

    Touch controls

    The days of twiddling awkward dials and buttons are behind us. With touch controls, all it takes is a gentle tap of your finger to select your zone or adjust the temperature – and they look pretty sleek too.

    Boost mode

    Running late and need food on the table pronto? The handy boost mode gives you a burst of heat at the touch of a button, so you’ll never need to wait long to get the water boiling for your pasta.

    Easy clean

    Because induction hobs don’t have pan supports or raised buttons and dials, they’re really easy to keep clean. So, if your sauce starts spluttering, all it takes is a quick wipe down to get the surface sparkling again.


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