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    LG A-rated Washing Machines

    Make your home a little eco-friendlier

    If you fancy doing your bit for the environment (and saving a few pennies too), then one of LG’s A-rated washing machines is a great choice. They cut down on costs by being super-energy efficient, and they have loads of features to make tackling that laundry mountain a little easier.

    How LG's A-rated washing machines work

    With an LG A-rated washing machine, you can expect to save over £170 in energy costs over its lifetime. That’s around 30% compared to other models – definitely something your wallet will appreciate. But all that efficiency doesn’t mean you get any less power. With big drums that’ll fit the whole family’s clothes in and clever tech like TrueSteam™ or TurboWash™, they’ll get through uniforms, smelly socks and gym kits in no time.

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    What makes LG's washing machines so good?

    Save big on energy bills

    Let’s be honest – everyone’s worried about rising bills. That’s why LG have built a range of A-rated washing machines to help cut back on spending, putting around £170 back in your pocket over an average of 11 years. Because life doesn’t stop for anything, and neither does your laundry pile.

    Takes laundry to a new level

    With LG’s clever TrueSteam™ tech, water and steam work together to kill off 99.9% of bacteria, leaving your clothes fresher than ever. But what’s really special about this feature is that it can do all that without pushing your bills through the roof. That means you get a really hygienic clean and no shocking bills at the end of the month.

    The bigger, the better

    It can be tough to keep on top of everyone’s laundry, especially in a big household. LG’s solution is a simple one – give you a bigger drum. You’ll have plenty of space, so there’s no need to pick and choose what to wash. Just pop the lot in and never worry about it piling up again.

    Spotless results in less time

    LG’s A-rated washing machines also have a TurboWash™ programme, and it does exactly what it sounds like. This feature uses powerful jets to spray water directly onto clothes for amazing cleaning power while cutting down on the time and energy. It makes cycles much quicker, so you can get on with the rest of your day.


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