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    All about the Samsung Art Store

    Everything you need to know about the Art Store on Samsung’s The Frame TV.

    Samsung’s The Frame TV answers the prayers of interior designers everywhere, replacing lifeless chrome and uninteresting black screens with stylish wooden frames and incredible art. When your TV is off, it displays a range of stunning paintings and photos. Thanks to the Art Store, you can supplement the pieces that come pre-installed with even more breath-taking creations.

    World class galleries in your home

    It used to be that if you wanted to furnish your home with masterworks, you needed to uncover a lost treasure in the attic or a suitcase full of cash. Now, Samsung have partnered with renowned galleries such as the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Museo del Prado and The Albertina to bring classical wonders and contemporary masters into your living room via the Art Store. And while it’s not quite Monet for nothing, this gives even more people the opportunity to appreciate fine works of art in the comfort of their own home.

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    Something to suit all tastes

    Art is an incredibly subjective thing. One man’s masterpiece is another’s crazy scribblings. Some even consider crazy scribblings to be masterpieces. Fortunately, there’s a wide array of pictures and paintings available in the Art Store. From stunning wildlife photography and modern digital creations, to sensational classics by masters such as Van Gogh and Rembrandt, you can be sure there’s plenty to tickle your fancy. Plus, with new artwork being added over time, there’ll always be something to perfectly suit your living space.

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    Collector at a click

    With so many spectacular pieces available, it can be difficult to choose which ones you want, so why not have them all? By signing up for a subscription you get access to the entire Art Store. So if one day you’re more in the mood for some abstract modern art than classical portraits, you can pick the pictures to suit. Of course, you can also purchase your individual favourites at any time, giving you the option to compile your own personal gallery.

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