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    Discover LG OLED revolutionary self-lit pixel technology

    OLED technology explained

    Self-lit OLED screens can be ultra-slim while giving you perfect cinematic picture quality – what a treat! While LED screens use a chunky backlight to light up sections of the TV at once, OLEDs have individual pixels that turn on or off on their own. So, you can say goodbye to hazy colours and hello to accurate levels of detail that’ll bring films to life. A display could have lots of tiny backlights and it still wouldn’t compete with the precision of OLED.

    The perfect black

    LG’s OLED pixels are self-lit – that means the screen can actually go pitch-black in places. This gives them the edge over LED TVs where there’s always a bit of light bleeding through from their backlight. The result? Amazing contrast that makes the picture pop, and light only appearing where it should.

    A brighter display than ever before

    All your movie moments will pop from the screen with OLED’s self-lit pixels. They’re powered by the α9 Gen5 AI processor – a seriously clever bit of kit – which teams up with Brightness Booster Max tech, making sure the images you see are much brighter than non-OLED TVs.

    Colours just like the real thing

    Experience colours the way they were meant to be seen. OLED screens produce the most accurate shades, with the Colour Fidelity test showing 100% of the sample colours matched the originals, compared to 70-80% on LED displays. Now every moment will look more true-to-life than ever before.

    A screen for everything

    A TV that's a work of art

    The LG OLED evo G2’s stunning design will make it the pride of any living room. Not only does it have a sleek and slender look, but it weighs less than older models and has a simple built-in wall mount too. That means less impact on your wall, and installing it will be a doddle. What more could you ask for?

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    Never miss a moment

    No matter what’s on the screen, LG’s HDR 10 Pro tech makes sure nothing gets lost in the shadows. It constantly adjusts the colour and brightness, so you’ll always have a crystal-clear view in both dark and bright scenes.

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    Lightning-fast gaming

    Light up the racetrack with an LG OLED TV - the perfect screen for those epic gaming sessions. With an incredible 0.1 millisecond response time, the OLED self-lit pixels will have no problem keeping up when you’re playing at lightning-fast speeds. And with a bandwidth of 48Gbps, even games with the best graphics will play without a hitch. Time to hit the highest of high scores.

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    Screen for sports

    Sit on your sofa and feel like you’re in the stands of the stadium. With a stunning picture that looks good no matter where you’re sat, you’ll always have the best view of the pitch. Not only that, but surround sound brings the crowd’s chants into your room, while the screen tech makes sure the action plays out smoothly.

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    OLED TVs have so much more to offer...

    Control it all with your voice

    LG OLED TVs come with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant built-in, so you just need to speak into the included Magic Remote to command your TV. And you can even control other smart devices in your home too.

    Home to all your favourites

    The webOS system makes flicking through your TV’s smart features easy. All the entertainment apps, like Netflix, Disney+, Now TV and Prime are just a push of a button away, making them quick and easy to access. So, if you want to swap to something else, it’ll take just a few clicks.

    Low blue light & Flicker Free tech

    Even after an epic movie marathon, eyes feel fresh. OLED emits a non-harmful amount of blue light and is Flicker Free certified by UL for removing screen flashes that cause eye strain.

    Dolby Vision IQ & Dolby Atmos

    Dolby Vision IQ uses light sensors to optimise the picture according to the room's brightness. Even during the day, notice the details you once missed in dark, gritty dramas. And with Dolby Atmos, each sound is placed in its own space for a multi-dimensional experience.

    A tailored picture

    Inside some LG OLED TVs is an α9 Gen5 AI Processor 4K, aka the brain. This checks what you’re watching and will tweak the TV’s settings to make sure the action looks and sounds the best it possibly can.

    Premium picture, premium cover

    Enjoy extra peace of mind with LG’s OLED evo G2 are covered by a 5-year panel warranty.


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    OLED evo 4K

    With Brightness Booster

    OLED evo 4K

    With Brightness Booster Max

    OLED 4K

    OLED 4K

    Screen Sizes

    55" 65" 77" 88"

    42" 48" 55"

    65" 77" 88"

    65" 77" 88"

    48” 55” 65”


    Gallery Design

    Built-in Wall Mount

    Seamless Bezel

    Narrow Bezel

    Narrow Bezel

    Refresh Rate






    Picture Quality

    Sound Quality


    4 x HDMI 2.1

    4 x HDMI 2.1


    2 x HDMI 2.1 

    2 x HDMI 2.0

    4 x HDMI 2.1


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