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Single Ovens

Built-in ovens with a single cavity and grill. These
can go under the worktop or at eye level.

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Built-under a worktop Double Ovens

Built-under double ovens are smaller than built-in double ovens and sit under your worktop.

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Built-in at eye level Double Ovens

Built-in double ovens are larger than built-under double ovens and are fitted at eye level.

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Discover great value and premium
features all in one place.

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  • Ovens Buying Guide
    Everything you need to know about choosing a new Oven.
  • We can install your new Oven
    Our experienced connection team deliver and install hundreds of products each day.
  • Did you know?
    Ovens with a pyrolytic function clean themselves using an extremely high heat

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Popular Ovens

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We have single ovens that are packed with clever features to give you a helping hand with the cooking. Or, if you have a lot of mouths to feed, our double ovens let you cook more at once.

When it comes to buying an oven we offer built-under models that live below your worktops. Or if you’d prefer it to be a little higher, we’ve models that are perfect for fitting at eye level too.

We sell electric and gas ovens, so you’ll be able to find a model that’s perfect for your existing kitchen setup. However, if you would like to swap fuel types, check out our measurement guide to ensure you’re ready to make the switch.

Modern ovens are filled with tech to help you out in the kitchen. Meal times will be made simple with auto-cooking functions, while pyrolytic and catalytic self-cleaning features will make scrubbing a breeze too! And when you’re ready to start shopping, head to our best buys or deals page for more infomation.