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    Did you know?

    Some models feature handy self-cleaning functions

    Some ovens come equipped with convenient self-cleaning functions. Pyrolytic models burn away fatty splashes, steam-cleaning uses water vapour to loosen burnt-on food, while catalytic liners absorb grease as you cook. In some cases, you might even find models with both pyrolytic and steam-cleaning functions. Whatever model you pick, you can relax knowing cleaning is super simple.

    Clever tech can prevent flavours from transferring

    Some ovens are equipped with handy features that let you cook three dishes at once without any nasty flavour transfer. Make sure to keep an eye out for models with even heat distribution, as they carefully circulate hot air inside the cavity to stop your tasty tuna bake spoiling that batch of brownies. So, you can get the starter, main, and dessert all in together.

    Upgrade your rotary dials to touch controls

    To add a modern touch to your kitchen, swap rotary dials for snazzy touch controls. With no visible buttons or clunky sliders in sight, it gives the oven a simple, sleek look.

    A pyrolytic cleaning cycle costs between 80p and £1

    If you've ever wondered how much you'll spend running a super-hot pyrolytic cleaning cycle, it usually costs between 80p and £1. Not bad for the elbow grease it'll save.

    Some large capacity ovens fit more than four shelves

    Ovens typically have space for three or four shelves, but large capacity models might come with more.

    Replacing a double oven? Consider 2 ovens for more flexibility

    If you’re replacing a double oven, you might want to consider buying two combi or compact ovens instead, as they offer more flexibility, and often have more cooking features to choose from. Not only that, they’ll have no problem fitting in the same space.

    Single ovens give you more features than double ovens

    If you need a lot of oven space, you might be considering a double model. But did you know single ovens come with more features? If you've got enough space, you could go for a combination of two single models, or a single unit paired with a compact or combi oven.

    Some single ovens have loads of additional features

    Some full-sized single ovens feature plenty of extra functions. Whether that’s the handy microwave setting saving you vital kitchen space, grilling for the perfect finish on those savoury skewers, or even healthier cooking options like air-frying.

    Steaming veggies instead of boiling them helps retain nutrients

    If you like boiled veg with your meal, try steaming instead - it locks in all the vital nutrients as well as making a tasty side.

    Telescopic rails make checking on food easy

    Telescopic rails are fully extendable and designed with comfortable cooking in mind. That means no singed pinkies reaching into a hot oven to check on food – it’ll slide out nice and smooth, making it easier to take out your meals too.

    A steam cleaning cycle will cost between 6p and 9p

    A quick heads-up – using the steam cleaning function on your new oven typically costs between 6p and 9p per cycle.

    Multifunctional ovens can cut down pre-heating time

    Multifunctional ovens take much less time to preheat, and if you’re cooking for more than 20 minutes, you may not even need to preheat at all.

    All ovens come in standard sizes

    While some models might vary ever so slightly, ovens often come in standard sizes – most single ovens will fit in a 60cm tall oven housing unit, for example.

    Most electric ovens need professionally fitting

    Some models rated 13A or lower can come with a plug, but the majority will need hardwiring by a professional. Even if your new unit comes with a plug, your last oven may have used a hardwired cable connection, so you’ll still need an electrician to fit it.

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