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    Best Ovens 2022

    Whether you’re a baking expert or you’re just trying to make sure your kids are fed, there are a lot of options to choose from when buying an oven. If choosing the right oven for your home is proving to be a challenge, then don’t worry, we’ve done all the hard work for you.

    Best for baking

    Are you a baking queen or king, and simply need an oven that’ll give you the best, most scrumptious results? Desserts, bread, or any other recipe – these models are perfect for dusting off that Mary Berry cookbook.

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    AEG Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A Rated



    Steam Bake adds vapour at the start of baking for a golden and tasty crust

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    NEFF N50 Slide&Hide® Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A Rated



    CircoTherm® technology lets you cook, roast, and bake without flavours getting mixed

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    What makes these ovens great for baking?

    Multifunctional Oven

    Do you fancy making a red velvet for dessert? Multifunctional ovens are great for when you’re testing out your chef skills. They have lots of programmes to choose from, so every dish is as delicious as the next.

    Over 70 Litre Capacity

    Are you having a go at a three-layered cake? With ovens over 70 litres of capacity, you’ll have plenty of space for that amazing dessert you’ve always wanted to try out.

    Even Cooking

    Wave goodbye to raw dough and burnt bits and say hello to evenly cooked meals. Hot air circulates around inside while food bakes to make sure your recipes turn out perfect.

    Easy Cleaning

    Make light work of one of the worst chores thanks to easy cleaning oven interiors. These models have special liners that only need quick a quick wipe before you can put your feet up and have a natter.

    Best electric oven

    Stylish and easy to use, electric ovens are perfect for those evenly cooked meals. They’re also more efficient, so you don’t have to worry about leaving them on long if you love a slow roast on the weekend.

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    Hotpoint Class 2 Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A+ Rated



    Electronic sensors keep temperatures stable within +/- 2°C for the best results

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    Bosch Series 4 Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A Rated



    3D Hot Air system cooks evenly on every shelf by circulating hot air

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    AEG Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A+ Rated



    Pyrolytic self-cleaning turns food bits to ash that can be wiped away

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    What makes these electric ovens great?

    3D Hot Air System

    Wave goodbye to food that’s raw in the middle and say hello to perfectly cooked dishes. 3D Hot Air system makes sure hot air reaches every corner on all shelves for delicious meals.

    Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning

    Who wants to spend hours – or any time at all – scrubbing the inside of an oven? With pyrolytic self-cleaning turning pesky food bits to ash, you’ll only have to wipe it down.

    Best double oven

    Double the space, double the fun! You can go bananas with your recipes or even keep vegan meals completely separate from lamb roasts. And if there’s any meal that needs higher temperatures than others, you won’t have to wait – simply pop it in the other oven.

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    Hotpoint Class 2 Built In Electric Double Oven - Stainless Steel - A/A Rated



    Main oven has a 74 litre capacity with an additional 42 litres in the top oven

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    Bosch Series 2 Built In Electric Double Oven - Stainless Steel - A/B Rated



    3D Hot Air system circulates hot air to evenly cook your meals

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    What makes these double ovens great?

    Two Oven Spaces

    Not one, but two ovens spaces! You can have the main course like a tuna pasta bake cooking away while preparing an apple pie for dessert.

    Fan Oven

    Give a warm welcome to faster cooked food thanks to fan ovens. With hot air constantly circulating, dinner will be ready in no time.

    Best for self-cleaning

    Cooking can get messy; sometimes you think that roast pork belly will be a breeze to get out and it slips out of your hands. We’ve all been there (maybe a few times, but who’s counting?) and we know how much of a faff it is to scrub away. With self-cleaning ovens, you won’t have to lift a finger.

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    AEG Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A+ Rated



    Hot Air function evenly circulates heat inside for perfect cooking

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    What makes these ovens best for self-cleaning?

    Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning

    Get your chores done fast with pyrolytic self-cleaning. You know those food bits that are simply a nightmare to clean? Watch as they’re turned to ash that you can wipe away with a cloth.

    Multifunctional Oven

    Chicken for dinner and brownies to follow up – the sky’s the limit! You’ll have lots of programmes to pick from when cooking.

    Best for a family of four

    Mealtimes can be chaotic on a good day, and with everything else on your plate, an oven should really be the least of worries. If you want to just pop a casserole in and not have to think about it, then you’ll be chuffed to bits with these models.

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    Beko AeroPerfect™ RecycledNet® Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A Rated

    Beko AeroPerfect™ BBRIE22300XD Built In Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A Rated


    This single oven from Beko will happily see you from breakfast through to dinner. It has a generous 66 litre capacity, making it the perfect size for larger households. And because it’s multifunctional, there’s lots of different cooking programmes to choose from too, while the clever AeroPerfectTM system circulates air inside to evenly cook your food on every shelf. And if you never hear the timer beep and always burn your meals – fear not. Thanks to the special programmable timer, you can set the oven to turn off automatically as soon as your food’s ready. This model also comes with catalytic liners, which absorb grease so it’s super-easy to clean.

    Hoover H-OVEN 300 Electric Single Oven - Black / Stainless Steel - A Rated



    Hydro Clean is a 35 minute steam programme that loosens fat and food bits inside the oven

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    What makes these ovens best for a family of four?

    Large Capacity

    Making big meals is easy as pie (or at least as easy as eating it) with large capacity ovens – perfect for those family gatherings at the weekend.

    Programmable Timer

    A watched pot never boils, so why keep checking on your food? Just round up the little ones when the oven turns off, as it means it’s time to eat!

    Catalytic Liners

    Trays spill all the time, especially when you’re roasting those tasty mixed veggies. The catalytic liners soak up grease, making your life easier when it’s time to clean.

    Double Glazed Oven Window

    With small children running about, double glazed oven windows are really a must. They keep more heat inside, so no one’s accidentally burned when looking in.

    Best for a budget

    If you’re working on a budget, you don’t have to settle for poor quality. You can easily make amazing meals for your guests during your weekend get-togethers. These models are quite the bargain and perfect for you cooking dreams.

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    Bosch Series 2 Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A Rated



    3D Hot Air system evenly circulates heat for thoroughly-cooked meals

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    What makes these ovens great if you're on a budget?

    Fan Grilling

    Film night isn’t complete without pizza with a tasty crispy base. And you can even heat up dessert at the same time, as flavours don’t transfer.

    Enamel Liners

    Don’t worry when cleaning time comes ‘round. Enamel liners keep food splatters from building up, so you can just wipe down the interior.


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