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    Best Tumble Dryers 2022

    So, your basket is full of clothes fresh from the wash, all ready to hang out to dry – when the inevitable happens. Storm clouds gather and the heavens open, meaning your washing line is out of action. But fear not, we’ve gathered the best tumble dryers to stop the clothes horse cluttering your home. And best of all, you’ll have toasty warm laundry too.

    Best Vented

    Don’t want to empty a water tank after each cycle? Then a vented dryer is the one you’re looking for. The moisture collected from your clothes is sent through a vent to the outside of your home instead, saving you some back ache.

    These tumble dryers all have sensor drying, which uses - you’ve guessed it - clever sensors to detect how much water is in your clothes. Settings are then adjusted to give you the best results, so you’ll never have to worry about your favourite shirt overheating.

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    AEG 7Kg Vented Tumble Dryer - White - C Rated



    You can delay the start time to suit your busy schedule.

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    What makes vented dryers great?

    Reverse Action Drum

    Once clothes are dry, the drum turns in the opposite direction to untangle your laundry, meaning you’ll spend less time getting in a twist over the ironing.

    Wool Programme

    This cycle uses a faster spin speed to keep delicate items flat against the drum, like they’re being dried on a clothing rack. This protects fibres from damage and stops them shrinking.

    Mixed Dry

    You won’t need to separate your clothes, as this cycle lets you dry different fabrics at the same time. Now you can get those nylons and cottons tumbling together in perfect harmony.

    Synthetics Programme

    Because synthetic materials can permanently wrinkle if overheated, this setting uses lower temperatures and a shorter run time to give items like polyester the mildest treatment.

    Best Condenser

    If you can’t run a vent to the outside of your home, a condenser model is the way to go. They store moisture from your clothes in a removable tank, which you’ll need to empty after every cycle. But this also means it can be placed anywhere in your kitchen without the need for external venting. Bonus!

    These tumble dryers all have the Cupboard Dry programme, which means clothes can be moved straight from the dryer to the cupboard once the cycle ends, making it perfect when you’ve put away the ironing board.

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    Bosch Serie 6 8Kg Condenser Tumble Dryer - White - B Rated



    Allergy Plus programme removes 99.9% of pesky allergens.

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    What makes condenser tumble dryers great?

    Cupboard Dry

    This programme is ideal if you just want to store your clothes right away. It removes all traces of moisture, so all you have to do is fold them and pop them in the drawer.

    Anti-Crease Programme

    If you’d prefer not to spend as much time behind the ironing board, the anti-crease programme helps remove wrinkles by rotating the drum backwards.

    Wide Opening Door

    These models all have a door which opens at a full 180°, meaning you’ll have no problem fitting in bulkier items such as duvets and winter coats.

    Sports Programme

    Not just for the kids’ PE kit, this cycle looks after any outdoor and waterproof fabrics. It uses average temperatures to protect your clothes while extra rinses remove stubborn stains, such as mud and grass.

    Best Heat Pump

    Eco-friendly households will love heat pump dryers. Not only do they use less energy by recycling warm air, but like condenser dryers they can be placed anywhere in your home too. To top it off, they come with some top tech to make laundry days a doddle. Just bear in mind that programmes may take a little longer to dry your clothes.

    Having said that, these dryers do all come with a quick dry programme if you’re only dealing with a small load. This is great when you’re in a hurry, as it will take just half an hour to have your favourite shirt ready for a night on the town.

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    Electra THP7112W 7Kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - White - A++ Rated



    The Anti-Crease programme reduces wrinkles to make ironing easier.

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    What makes heat pump dryers great?

    Heat Pump Technology

    Heat Pump technology makes these dryers the most energy efficient.

    Iron Dry

    This programme leaves just the right amount of moisture in your clothes to make ironing easier. So, forget about using the steam spray and hit the Iron Dry setting instead.

    Childproof Lock

    Keep the little ones safe with this handy lock, which stops tiny fingers getting trapped in the door.

    Cotton Programme

    Perfect for everyday drying, the cotton programme uses high temperatures for towels, jeans and sweatshirts, leaving them warm and fluffy while protecting fibres.

    Best for a family

    Doing the laundry for loved ones needn’t be stressful, but we know how intimidating it can be when the kids add muddy PE kits to the mountain of clothes waiting to be washed. To take the weight off your shoulders (and your laundry basket) we’ve selected dryers with capacities of 10kg or more – perfect for drying family-size loads in one go.

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    What makes dryers great for families?

    Sensor Drying

    Clever sensors weigh each individual load, meaning you only ever use the precise amount of time and energy, making these models kinder to the environment and your utility bills – perfect for the eco warrior teenagers in your home.

    Wi-Fi Controlled

    These models can all be controlled remotely using a smartphone, so it’s great when you’re out and about and want to get the laundry done when you’re on the school run.

    Quick Dry

    When you need dry clothes for a last-minute dinner invitation or the kids’ football practise has been moved forward, the quick dry programme is really useful.

    Jeans Programme

    Take care of your favourite pair of Levi’s with the dedicated Jeans programme. Thick seams and waistbands can make denim difficult to dry, but with this cycle you’ll never have to worry about everyone’s jeans staying in perfect shape.

    Best for towels

    We all love the feel of a warm fluffy towel after we’ve climbed out of the shower. But we also know what can happen to them when they’ve been washed a few times – flat and scratchy towels with no bounce, right? Well thanks to a range of helpful features, these tumble dryers will keep those bath and hand towels in tip-top condition.

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    Hotpoint ActiveCare NTM1182XBUK 8Kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - White - A++ Rated



    The ActiveCare feature reduces wear and tear by up to 40%.

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    Bosch Serie 6 8Kg Condenser Tumble Dryer - White - B Rated



    The AntiVibration design of this model means it’s quieter when on a spin speed.

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    What makes dryers great for towels?


    The Anti-Crease programme gently rotates the drum at the end of the drying cycle to help untangle laundry and remove creases.

    Cotton Programme

    Perfect for everyday items, the cotton setting is great for clothes which need a little extra heat to get them perfectly dry. It uses a high temperature for heavy fabrics like towels making sure they emerge lovely and warm when the cycle is over.

    8kg drum

    These dryers all have an 8kg drum capacity, which makes them perfect for medium-sized households. Whether it’s your favourite going-out shirt or beach wear, you’ll be able to fit them all in without fuss. Just remember to leave a little room in the drum for clothes to tumble.

    Delay Timer

    This allows you to programme the machine to start at your preferred time, for example, at night when energy costs are cheaper. You can make sure the laundry gets done when you’re home from work too, so load the drum, set the timer before you leave and you’re ready to go.

    Best for baby clothes

    The wee ones in your family are just as important when it comes to laundry. All of these dryers have a dedicated baby cycle, leaving baby grows and romper suits warm and germ-free, so your new born can wriggle round happily in your home. And if baby spills milk down his front, he’ll have dry clothes again in no time.

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    Hotpoint ActiveCare NTM1182XBUK 8Kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - White - A++ Rated



    The Bed and Bath programme is perfect for drying heavy items like duvets and sheets.

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    Haier HD80-A636 8Kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - White - A++ Rated



    The memory function is great for storing your favourite cycles without fuss.

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    What makes dryers great for baby clothes?

    Baby Cycle

    Ideal for drying your baby’s items such as clothing and bedding, the baby cycle uses cooler temperatures to protect delicate items, while leaving them dry enough to use right away.

    Refresh Cycle

    This cycle is great for removing odours from a light load. It’s usually a short cycle which uses cool air to give garments a quick shake up when they don’t need a deep clean. So, throw in your favourite shirt when you’re in a hurry.