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    Best Washing Machines 2022

    If choosing a new washing machine spins you right ‘round, you’ve come to the right place. With so many dizzying options, we went ahead and did the hard work for you. So, take a look at our favourites below and all you’ll have to worry about is keeping your socks paired up.

    Best All-Rounder

    Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? These all-rounder washing machines have everything under the sun and more, so you can put your feet up while your machine powers through the laundry for you.

    AEG OkoMix Technology Integrated 8Kg Washing Machine - White - C Rated



    ProSense® weighs your clothes to adjust the cycle length and energy used

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    What makes washing machines great all-rounders?

    Quick Wash

    If you’re in a hurry to walk out the door for a job interview, Quick Wash gets your clothes clean and fresh in no time. Make a lasting impression for all the right reasons and you’re sure to smash it.

    Anti-Stain Programmes

    Spilling red wine on your top is never fun but it doesn’t have to be a head scratcher. These programmes wash at 40 degrees and make sure stains are a thing of the past.

    Best for under £300

    Buying a new washing machine doesn’t have to break the bank. Did you know you can get a great model for under £300? That’s right, and they come with the features you need to take care of your laundry. These machines are quite the steal and they’ll look great in your home, too.

    What makes these washing machines great for under £300?

    Quick Wash

    Do you need that special outfit cleaned in a jiffy? With Quick Wash programmes as short as 14 minutes, you can be out the door in no time. Your friends won’t have to wait long for you to enjoy cocktails at the bar.

    Sensitive Skin Programmes

    Allergies or sensitive skin shouldn’t put a stop to wearing what you love. With higher temperatures and extra rinses, you can wave goodbye to pet hair, pollen, and even leftover detergent residue that can damage your clothes over time.

    Best for families

    Family life is a hectic deal but at least it’s never boring! With little ones running around, tumbles into puddles are almost a given. Stay as cool as a cucumber – even when laundry piles up – as these washing machines are perfect to power through those mountains of school uniforms and sports kits.

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    What makes these washing machines great for families?

    10kg Capacity

    A 10kg capacity lets you wash big loads – perfect to get the job done in as few trips as possible. Stay on top of your chores for less worries and spend more time with your loved ones.

    Quick Wash

    Get the P.E. kits washed in no time with Quick Wash. If it’s time for the big game and you need a load cleaned fast, this programme has your back. You’ll have everything ready in the time it takes to eat breakfast.

    Stain Removal Programmes

    Be tough on stains but kind on fabrics. From mud to grass, or jam from breakfast (bread always lands spread-side down!), tops and trousers will look as good as new and smell as fresh as a daisy.

    Direct Drive Motor

    If you’ve just put down the little ones for a nap but need to turn on the machine, you don’t need to worry. The Direct Drive Motor uses fewer moving parts, which makes it extra quiet to avoid a cranky end to a good sleep.

    Best for water efficiency

    Staying eco-conscious is getting easier and easier. Don’t miss the boat on these washing machines and enjoy delightfully fresh outfits while doing your bit for the planet. And as a bonus, you’ll save some money too.

    What makes these washing machines great for water efficiency?

    Fuzzy Logic Technology

    Sail through your chores with shorter wash cycles. These machines use as little water and energy as possible to help protect the environment – and it’s all automatic, too!

    Energy Rating A+++

    With an amazing energy rating, you won’t be snowed under with high bills. Enjoy the most efficient models as your clothes tumble away.

    Best for a single person

    Whether you’re a single pringle or simply living alone, you still need a machine that will have your favourite pyjamas cleaned ready for a girly night in. You’ll love the models we selected, which are perfect for modern life and all your laundry needs.

    What makes these washing machines great for a single person?

    Smart Features

    Keep watching that show you’re bingeing on Netflix and control your laundry from the sofa. All you need is a smartphone to connect to your appliance and you’re good to go.

    Specially Designed Drums

    Why waste time measuring the right amount of detergent? These drums do it for you, gently washing your outfits and easily getting rid of dirt and stains.

    Best for cloth nappies

    Did you know fabric is better for your bundle of joy? Make the jump to ditch disposables and your baby’s skin will thank you for it. And it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to keep them hygienic when washing machines are tailored for that hectic newborn life.

    AEG ProSteam® Technology 9Kg Washing Machine - White - A Rated



    SoftPlus feature evenly applies softener and loosens fabrics with water

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    What makes these washing machines great for cloth nappies?

    Hygienic Programmes

    Wave goodbye to germs thanks to the hygienic programmes. With higher temperatures and extra rinses, everything will be squeaky clean.

    Gentle Washing

    Say goodbye to replacing items after a few washes, as these cycles protect fabrics for longer-lasting use.

    9kg+ Capacity

    Are you getting through a lot of clothes quickly (like, a LOT)? These machines can keep up when you’re tackling those heaps every day.

    Quieter Motors

    Get the next batch at the ready while your baby sleeps. They won’t even notice you turning the machine on when they’re getting some shut-eye (and you enjoy a much-deserved break).

    The choices are narrowed down, and now you have a few great options to think about when buying a washing machine. If you’ve still got more questions, simply check out our other guides, or get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.