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    Energy Efficient Refrigeration


    Looking to make some savings on your utility bills? You’re in the right place. Whether you’re off on your hols or stocking up the freezer, these features keep your food and your bank balance happy. With plenty of options to choose from, we've broken down some handy information to help get you started.

    Energy Efficient features to look out for

    Silent savings

    Inverter motors are usually shouted about because they’re super quiet. But did you know they also save you money? This clever tech spreads cool air around your appliance using precisely controlled speeds. Keeping this consistent means they use much less energy than a standard motor. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

    Save in the sun

    If you’re catching a tan in the sunshine, there’s no point chilling an empty fridge back home. Enter: holiday mode. It runs your appliance at slightly warmer temperatures, saving energy and money whilst also keeping unwanted smells at bay. Now you can spend those extra pennies on silly souvenirs and maybe just one more piña colada.

    Keep it cool inside

    If your appliance isn’t opened regularly, Eco Mode is for you. It raises the temperature just a tad, but no cold air escapes because the door stays closed. This means it needs less energy to keep things extra cool or to get back to the right temperature – perfect if it’s your backup fridge for overflow items.

    Less frost means less costs

    When your appliance has icy build-ups, the motor needs more energy to maintain the right temperature inside. But if it’s kitted out with frost reduction tech, this becomes a problem of the past, stopping the ice before it forms. That sounds like a whole bunch of savings for you and the planet.

    Also look out for...

    Fridge Freezers

    Smart Inverter Compressor™

    LG’s Smart Inverter Compressor™ makes sure your fridge freezer never works harder than it needs to. Instead of the keeping the motor going at a constant speed, it goes faster or slower depending on how often the doors are opened. Not only does your food stay in tip top shape, but you won’t be faced with any nasty surprises on your energy bills either. And for that extra peace of mind, the motor has a 10 year warranty too.

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    Holiday setting

    If you’re away from home a lot, you’ll really love this model’s Holiday Setting. It keeps your freezer running as normal to look after all your frozen groceries - but drops the fridge temperature to 15°C. This creates the perfect conditions to keep an empty fridge fresh and odour-free so you don’t have any unpleasant cleaning to do when you get home. As an added bonus, it saves energy too.

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    American Fridge Freezers

    Home Bar

    With the super-handy Home Bar feature, you’ll have no trouble reaching your favourite condiments and juices. Simply put your most-used items in the shelf behind the main door. Then, when you need them, just press the small panel on the front – it opens downwards, and you can effortlessly pull the bottles out. Not only does this make it quick and easy to find your favourites, but because you don’t open the whole door, less cold air escapes, saving energy and keeping everything fresh.

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    Nobody likes to spend lots of time defrosting their freezer, which is why this model’s LowFrost technology is ideal. Because there aren’t any grids or evaporators inside the cabinet, it reduces the amount of ice that would typically build up over time. Instead, any excess water is collected in a small dish, which can be easily emptied when the time does eventually come.