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    Flexible Space


    Whether you’re prepping for a party or stocking up on veggies, you want to keep those tasty ingredients organised. A fridge or freezer with flexible space makes storing your meats and treats extra easy. From adjustable shelves to removable sections, these appliances can be customised to your every need.


    A set-up that suits

    So, you’ve just got in from the shops, you’re gasping for a cuppa but you’ve got to put the food away first. With flexible space features, there’s no faffing around – switch the layout, get some more room and do it all in seconds. You’ll be sipping on that brew before you know it. Ahh, someone grab the biscuits.

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    Thanks to Bosch’s VarioShelf, you’ll never be left squashing all your drink cartons into the door space again. If you’re dealing with some tall groceries, like a bottle of wine, just give the front half of the shelf a push downwards, and it’ll smoothly slide beneath the other half. This creates more space in the fridge, so you’ll never be left playing Tetris with the shopping again.

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    Adjustable Door Balconies

    Thanks to this model’s Adjustable Door Balconies, you’ll have plenty of room for those big bottles of pop. Simply move the shelves up or down to create the space you need – it’s as easy as that. Now you don’t have to lie the lemonade on its side, there’s no danger of that sticky fizz leaking all over your groceries.

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    Also look out for...

    Fridge Freezers


    Remember the time you lay the milk on a fridge shelf, and it leaked everywhere? Thanks to AdaptLift, you don’t have to relive that kerfuffle. The handy door shelves can be moved around to fit taller items in, storing all those liquids safely upright. Now there’ll be no emergency clean up missions – just chilled drinks and a tidy fridge.


    You’ll never struggle to fit large or bulky items in these Zanussi models thanks to the FlexiSpace freezer. The drawers and shelves are easy to adjust and remove, providing a simple way to make more room whenever you need it. So, whether it’s bumper boxes of ice lollies for a summer barbeque or the Christmas turkey, this freezer makes storage more flexible.

    American Fridge Freezers

    Flexi Shelf

    Whether it’s a huge bottle of juice or a tall jar of homemade pickles, the special Flexi Shelf helps it all fit in the fridge. The front half of the shelf can be pulled out and slotted beneath the back half, opening up the space inside. This gives you plenty of flexibility and storage options, so you won’t have to risk getting spills from lying taller items on their side.


    These models have an incredibly flexible freezer thanks to the innovative VarioZone design. The glass shelves can be removed or adjusted to make room for all those hard-to-fit frozen items. This’ll give you all the space you need for stocking up on joints of meat, or stashing your favourite ice cream.