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    Hobs with Automatic Heat Control


    If you’re not quite sure which temperature is best for your steaks, you’ll love a hob with automatic heat controls. From special zones with three dedicated temperatures, to specific settings for different dishes – get ready to enjoy delicious dinners every night (with no burnt bits in sight).


    Kitchen chaos is kept to a minimum

    One minute you’re sipping on a wine, stirring the onions and loving life, and the next everything’s burning. With automatic heat controls, you won’t have to relive this nightmare. It makes sure nothing gets too hot to handle, so you can get back to loving mealtimes. Who said cooking had to be a stressfest?

    Delicious results every time

    Ever flipped that fillet of fish, only to find it’s burnt to a crisp? We’ve all been there. Thankfully, with automatic heat controls, you’ll be tucking into something tasty every night. They keep the temperature spot on, so everything from your haddock to the sautéed sides will come out the pan perfectly finished. All that’s missing now is some tartar sauce.

    Also look out for…

    fryingSensor Plus

    Whether it’s a saucy stir-fry, tempting sides or a cheeky weekend breakfast, fryingSensor Plus makes sure your meals turn out perfectly. It has five temperature settings to choose from, each suited to different meals and ingredients – just pick the one you want and get cooking! Plus, it also helps stop fats and oils overheating, and can even cut down your energy bills too by constantly monitoring the heat. Bonus.

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    Step Zone

    With Hisense’s Step Zone, changing the heat just got so much easier. Because the front of the hob is hotter than the back, you can slide your pan back and forth to suit your needs. For example, if you’ve got a creamy sauce bubbling away but you need it on a low simmer, just move it across for a cooler temp. No faffy buttons here.


    With Varycook, you can prep dinner without breaking a sweat. It’s made up of three zones that have different temperature levels – low, medium and high. This means you don’t have to manually change the settings when you’re up to your elbows in a curry. Just heat your pan on high, sauté the onion on medium and keep the finished Masala warm on low. Someone, find the naan bread.

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    Simmering function

    This model has a handy simmering function which is perfect for slow cooking. It keeps the temperature below boiling but above poaching, so your food won’t dry out and pans won’t bubble over.