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    Hobs with Lockable Controls


    Are you trying to get the perfect sear on that steak? Or do you just want some extra peace of mind in the kitchen? A hob with lockable controls is for you. This nifty feature stops any accidental changes to the settings, keeping the temperature just right and your family safe. Now you can crack on with cooking, without any niggling worries.


    Looks after the little ones

    We know kids can be curious, but the kitchen isn’t always the best place for adventures. Lockable controls can stop them accidentally turning on or blasting up the heat. Now you don’t need to worry about burnt fingers if the toy aeroplane’s flight path goes near the hob.

    No mealtime mishaps

    Picture this: you’re about to tuck into breakfast but you accidentally knock the settings and the bacon burns. We know – disappointing. Thankfully, with lockable controls, this is a problem of the past. They keep the temperature on the level you choose, so you can savour every mouthful of those perfectly crisped rashers.

    Also look out for…

    Point & Twist control

    If the little ones are running amok in the kitchen, the Point & Twist control will make your hob safe. Simply select your cooking zone and rotate the disc for the right temperature. Once this disc is removed, the hob is locked so it stays on your chosen settings. Now with the kids settled down, you can pop the dial back on, and carry on where you left off. Neat.

    Control Panel Lock

    This clever hob has been designed with your safety in mind. You can lock the control panel to prevent the hob from being accidentally switched on, or to stop wandering hands from changing the temperature during cooking. This keeps you and your family safe, so you can have complete peace of mind.

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    Child Lock

    With little ones wandering around, you need eyes in the back of your head, especially in the kitchen. This hob has a Child Lock which disables the usual controls to make sure curious little hands can’t accidentally switch the hob on or change settings. It’s also easy to reactivate once you’re ready to cook. It keeps the whole family safe while still being easy to use. One less worry.

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    Key Lock

    With this model’s Key Lock feature, you can crack on with cooking without worrying about the settings. Everything from the temperature to the function will be safe from accidental knocks or touches. And don’t stress if some of the marinade spilled – you can quickly wipe splashes away without turning it off. Now there’ll be no more double and triple checking to make sure the heat’s just right. Simple.

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