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    Hobs with Sensor-Controlled Cooking


    Sensor-controlled cooking takes the guesswork out of dinner. This clever tech can be found on hobs and microwaves, where it keeps an eye on the temperature for you. This means pans don’t boil over, and nothing gets burned. So, whether you’re making an omelette or cooking a ready-meal, dinner will be a doddle.


    Stops the spills

    Tired of pans boiling over? We’ve all been there. With sensor-controlled cooking, mopping up spills is a thing of the past. It monitors the temperature and stops anything from overflowing. It can also give your pans a boost of power if needed. An intuitive hob? Sounds good to us.

    Also look out for…


    If you’ve got several pans on the go, the last thing you want is for them to boil over, and PerfectCook makes sure they never will. It uses a sensor to measure the temperature of your pans rather than the power level. This not only stops spills, but it gives you greater control over the finished meal. So, you’ll always be cooking dinner to perfection.


    Thanks to AEG’s SenseBoil®, which stops your pans overflowing, you’ll have complete control in the kitchen. When your water’s boiled, the pressure from the bubbles makes the pot vibrate slightly. Because there are sensors in the hob’s surface, they recognise the movement and immediately switch the heat to a lower setting, to keep the water simmering. This means you can start chopping the potatoes without having to constantly monitor the pan.

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    6th Sense

    This Whirlpool hob has clever 6th Sense technology. During cooking, sensors monitor the temperature of your pans and give it a boost if it’s needed. These sensors will also automatically reduce the temperature if it detects the pan is too hot.

    Sensor Cook

    Samsung has made microwave cooking extra easy with this Sensor Cook feature. Simply choose the food type from the options provided, input the weight, and the microwave oven will automatically adjust the settings to give perfect results. This means you’ll never have to guess cooking times again. You’ll know your meal is ready to eat as soon as you hear the ping.

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