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    Washing machines with Steam clean


    If you’re sick of stubborn creases and clothes losing their shine after the first wash, why not try a washing machine that uses steam? They release vapour into the drum either at the start of the cycle, during it or towards the end, depending on the model. This helps to loosen stains or relax fibres, leaving you with less ironing to do. Either way, steam makes it easier to keep outfits at their best


    More thorough cleaning

    When steam is added into the drum, it relaxes the fibres in clothes. This makes it easier for the detergent to sink into every thread, giving each one a deeper clean. So, whether it’s a lunch-covered school uniform, or a white shirt with red wine sloshed down it, you’ll rest easy knowing that everything will be taken care of.

    Kills bacteria

    Cleaning with steam gives more hygienic results. This is because it kills germs and bacteria during the wash - not just from your clothes, but from inside the actual drum too.

    Get more from your detergent

    If you’re fed up of finding leftover gel in the drum after the cycle’s finished, you’ll love using steam. The higher temperatures needed to make vapour are also better at dissolving every drop of detergent. Thanks to this, you’ll never waste any, and you’ll get much better results.

    Less time ironing

    Despise the ironing? Because steam relaxes fibres, it stops tough creases from forming in the first place. This means that rather than having to spend hours slouched over the board, it can stay retired in the cupboard instead.

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    A wash that works harder

    Use the Steam function to add steam at the end of the wash cycle and give your clothes a really deep clean. The mist gets deep into fibres to leave all your knits and PE kits feeling smooth and gentle - perfect for sensitive skin. It even helps with creases too, so some items might even skip the ironing pile. Nice.

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    ProSteam® Technology 

    Washes without water

    AEG’s ProSteam® tech will leave you with fewer creases to deal with. Simply choose this option with a synthetics, cotton or anti-allergy programme, and steam will be added as a finishing touch towards the end of a cycle, seeing off the worst of stubborn creases. Now you can spend less time ironing, and more time doing the things you enjoy.

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    Also look out for…

    Steam Cycle

    If you’ve only worn an outfit once or twice, then Steam cycle is a great way to freshen it up again. As you might expect, it uses high temperature steam to get rid of odours and relax creases, so you can confidently rock your look for another day. And for an added bonus, it even cuts down on the ironing – everyone’s least favourite job just got easier.

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    The handy Refresh function will give your clothes the pick-me-up they need. In just 20 minutes it will remove any nasty smells, creases and allergens, and all without needing detergent. That means you don’t need to panic if you’ve just found your outfit for tonight’s date at the bottom of the wash basket.


    When it comes to chores, ironing is one of the worst. To help make it a little easier, the EasyIron function rotates the drum back and forth, helping to untangle fabrics so they tumble freely. This helps loosen creases, so you get to whiz through the clothes pile faster. You're welcome.

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    Steam Therapy

    Freshen up your fancy frocks and save water with Beko’s Steam Therapy feature. It uses quick blasts of intense steam to see off stubborn creases, as well as clearing up any lingering odours. That means less time faffing about with the ironing board, and more looking sharp in your Sunday best. Neat.


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